Hermes Bangkok

  1. Just thought I might share photos of the display window at Hermes Bangkok :smile:

    They have the rose shocking plume as well as a fuchsia ostrich plume

    Bolide white and toile combination

    and they also had kelly pochette in vert anis, bolide in brighton blue, a small plume in violette as well as turquoise mysore, an etoupe 32cm kelly in clemence, and a 35cm black togo kelly :smile:

    The staff there are remarkably polite and sweet!!:heart:[​IMG][​IMG]

    (photo credits
  2. Wow, I love the colour of the bags pictured!:nuts:
  3. [​IMG]

    photo credit :
  4. wow!!! Yummy!!!!!! Love plume in bright colors!
    I am now wondering what a rose dragee plume w/ rose shocking piping would look like. :idea:
  5. Gorgeous pictures, thank you! I love how fresh both the pinks and the whites look!
  6. i know! was so tempted to buy one of the plumes, but held back coz im broke!! *bawl*
  7. Thanks tresor for posting, i love the pinks!
  8. Aww, tresor thanks for the eye candy. When Neeya sees this, she will :drool: !

    anybody know what mousseline that is?????????
  9. Lol - I agree Cobalt, Neeya will love this!

    Thanks for posting, the Plume's are beautiful in Rose Shocking!

  10. DOes anyone know the name of the clutch (I'm assuming it's a clutch) on the left, and its retail price? Me likey! :p
  11. ^ I have no idea but I see them all the time at my local boutique...

    *sigh* I miss Bangkok!
  12. that's the Jige i believe. i'm not sure of the price, maybe 2K?
  13. Just love the pinks!!!
  14. Thanks for sharing! How are the prices compared to Europe?
  15. Thanks for the pics, everything looks so yummie but that Jige :nuts: I'm with Pyrexia, me likey, a lot!