Hermes Bangkok...and other Thailand Tales

  1. Returned home from Thailand late last night...just reviewed the ROAK is going to take me forever to catch up! Missed you all and thread updates!

    Well, the story starts in Bangkok... We arrived two days before expected due to a slight Thai Air schedule change...
  2. Welcome back SoCal! You were missed! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip!
  3. First day in Bangkok, started with the spa to "treat" jet lag...dinner at Jester's...and fireworks outside our room (not for us, but who cares)...
    2007_0121Thailand0002.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0005.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0008.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0010.JPG
  4. Next two to see the sites...
    2007_0121Thailand0015.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0018.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0053.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0040.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0064.JPG
  5. And a longboat ride down the canals...
    2007_0121Thailand0087.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0089.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0077.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0078.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0083.JPG
  6. Then...we were off to Hermes...first, H at the Emporium... Nice store, nice SAs, excellent bracelet inventory, excellent bolide inventory, one vibrato kelly... Then H at Paragon...nice store, nice SAs, excellent bolide inventory, no kellys... Bangkok seemed to have a bolide in every color/leather possible...bolides were busting out all over... No purchase for SoCal...

    A few notes about Paragon, the "new" luxury mall... It is quite large...lower ground floor is a market, food court, and restaurant want a type of cuisine...they have it! LOL...DH and I had a very lovely Italian dinner (after an amazing Indian dinner the night before in a restored (?) teak mansion... Hahaha...DH and I believe in eating around the world during travels... Another floor of Paragon has medium-range stores... Another floor is all luxury boutiques... One area of the mall is all high end jewelry stores... One floor has luxury can order your jag, BMW, Mercedes, etc. here... Another floor has a large bookstore... Another floor has the movie theatres... And there is an aquarium... Quite the place!
  7. Did you notice the excellent Thai service that is uncomparable anywhere in the world? The Thai people are so sweet natured, it amazes me everytime.
  8. Welcome home SoCal! since you have been gone, I have made my first foray into Hermes! Your pictures are so beautiful!
  9. Welcome home! Your pics are amazing!! Sounds like you were in bolide heaven!:love:
  10. Welcome home!! We missed you!
  11. Thank you! MrsS...Yes, the service was amazing! We had such a fabulous time... Thanks all, missed you! Rocker, welcome to H!!!!!

    After Bangkok, we were off to Northern Thailand...the Four Seasons Golden Triangle and Chiang Mai resorts were just amazing!!!!!!
  12. More stories, more pictures please ...... can't wait for all to unfold.
  13. Four Seasons Golden Triangle...all-inclusive tented camp resort...activies included elephant training and!!!
    2007_0121Thailand0104.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0112.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0106.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0107.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0108.JPG
  14. More tented camp pics...just an incredible place...
    2007_0121Thailand0109.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0111.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0113.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0118.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0117.JPG
  15. A few more camp pics...
    2007_0121Thailand0145.JPG 2007_0121Thailand0156.JPG