Hermes Ban - Broken - Just A Little

  1. I'm in the middle of a self imposted Hermes buying ban - I am buying a new home - the first time without a spouse. And leaving the NYC area to move back to my rural southern hometown to help care for my elderly mother and aunt.

    So I've been concentrating on selling and not buying - until I came across this little Hermes pillow this morning. I thought it's message would give me inspiration.

    eBay: Hermes scarf pillow custom created carpe diem sun (item 220022098012 end time Aug-29-06 03:48:47 PDT)
  2. hermeslady,

    first, I think it is wonderful that you are going to help care for your mother and aunt.

    second, your pillow is beautiful! That's a rare find. Congrats!

  3. wow, that's unique, and a great way for you to enjoy hermes on this new adventure!
  4. Like the pillow says, seize the day. Enjoy your new pillow! It's just adorable.
  5. Oh...I love your new unique!
    Hope everything goes well with your move.
  6. Hermeslady, I know what you are up against because not long ago I was in the same position as you. The one thing you have that I didn't...all the wonderful people on here to give you a pick-me-up when you need it.

    Stay strong and wear a smile because life is wonderful even when you are facing difficult times!

    Lovely pillow and lovely words.
  7. hermeslady, I wish you luck and happiness in your new venture! The pillow is lovely - the colors are so rich. The message is perfect.
  8. That's lovely. What a wonderful thing for you to move near your mom.
  9. Hi, sweet Hermeslady. Your new pillow is lovely (as are you)!
  10. I can't say it any better than our friends here already have. Seize the Day! Good lucky to you Hermeslady on this new'll be quite a ride but one which you will cherish.

    (Been there too....bless your heart!)
  11. Absolutely one of the prettiest Hermes scarves! And best wishes on your return to one of the nation's most scenic states.
  12. Dearheart L, sending you lots of love and hugs for your upcoming move and the days ahead, your mother and aunt are blessed to have you ... you know you always have lots of support from those that care for you and your well-being.

    Love your new H pillow, I am guessing the furry babies are going to be sleeping on this before long [​IMG]
  13. Hermeslady, I love that pillow!! I'm so glad that you got it and that you can look at it everyday for inspiration :smile:
  14. It's a lovely pillow! Good luck as you head off on new adventures and may the road be smooth as you care for your mom and aunt! :heart:
  15. Omg, the 'pillow' just arrived - it is huge ! Beautiful, but huge ! Much too big for the bed or the sofa - any ideas ?? Can't leave it on the floor as a cushion - the furbabies would take it over.

    Thanks !