Hermes Ballet Equestre

  1. Hi, can anyone help me locate the Ballet Equestre scarf in green, im located in Oxfordshire, England. Any help appreciated!
  2. Hi, sorry i cant help you, but i suppose the best thing is to keep looking on eBay, or perhaps the other tPFers can help more
  3. Is this a new scarf? Or an older design?

    If it's a new scarf, call your local/neighboring boutiques to see if they've got it, or have them do a worldwide search. Try H stores in department stores too, cos those might carry them too.

    If it's an older design, and/or eBay is probably your best bet. Be sure to get it authenticated first if you find it on eBay! :yes:
  4. Have seen them, can't remember where at the moment, will try to remember and will definitely keep my eyes open for you.
  5. I know I saw it in KoP, but not sure of the color. It was a recent design from the past collection.

    You should be able to find it in a bougtique if you call around.
  6. ^^^ Ah, thank you QM, that's probably where I saw it too.
  7. Ballet Equestre is from SS2007, so should be available in the UK boutiques.

    Your site is now up and running, perhaps a call to +44 (0)20 7098 1888 would yield some good news. The reference number is 002338s06.
  8. Be careful with the Ballet Equestres on ebay, there are fakes! I know about fakes in blue and red, it's possible that there are green fakes, too.
    Your best bet is to try the Hermes boutiques in the UK or these online shops: and
  9. are you looking for the chartreuse? i don't recall seeing another green in this pattern.
  10. Unfortunately, there are now fakes of Ballet Equestre, and you might consider investing in another design :crybaby:
  11. my store had an emerald green one for a while - it was really jewel toned. Good Luck with your search!
  12. To be clear, the reference number I quoted you is for an emerald green.
  13. Sorry not posted for a while, my laptop has been sick! Have managed to locate Scarf, I contacted and they have found one in Paris and are sending it any day!!
  14. The rail connection is brilliant from oxford into paddington easy to get to bond street if that scarf does not come through the post
    Its a beauty
  15. scottish girl - i actually had the green one on hold while my SA search for an orange one. I think she's got hold of an orange one for me already (and it's supposed to be on the way here ... ) - u wanna call your H store to do a search for you ?