Hermes Bags

  1. Hello, I´m Flor2. I Just Would Like To Ask About The Hermes Bags Sold In E Bay, They Are Very Cheap Compare To The Ones In Hermes Shops. Are They Real Hermes Bags?
    Sory My English Is Not Very Good.
    Thank You
  2. not really.....
  3. Flor you must be extremely careful on Ebay. There are many sellers of fake bags just trying to take your money. If you go with the authentic bags and good resellers on ebay you will pay a high premium for the same bag that you would purchase at the Hermes boutique. So, the answer would be you would pay much more.

    Spend time in the Hermes subforum on here and so many members will help you find a bag that is just right for you.
  4. Thank You Keelybag, But How Do You Know A Hermes Bag Is Good?
  5. Flor, please be careful with ebay. 70% of Hermes bags tat are listed are fake.
  6. There Must Be Something To Recognize A Fake Bag.
  7. Flor, if you go look at the Hermes Knowledge Thread and the authenticiation thread for Hermes, there're lots of goodies in there that can help with telling a fake from the real thing.:flowers:
  8. be very careful with ebay, especially if you are not familiar at all with birkin bags. ask around a lot, when you see a bag you like, post about it here in the authenticate this thread and I am sure the lovely ladies here will be willing to help you.

    are you in the market for a birkin?
  9. Welcome.

    Most people on here don't really like to post characteristics that identify fake bags/real bags because of the fear that some of the unscrupulous people on ebay will be lurking, picking up information to make their listings look more legitimate. I'm sure you understand this. :sneaky:

    Just post a picture of a bag in the authenticate this forum and someone will help you.
  10. ^ right. Please look over our list of recommend sellers in the Hermes Shopping sub-forum. You're sure to get an authentic bag and good experience with those people.