Hermes bags: what else is there besides birkin and kelly?


Nov 26, 2005
I'm just wondering if there are any sites where I can view bags from Hermes. I went to their website but it wasn't very helpful. Are they like chanel in the sense that one would have to go to the store to see their bags? Besides the birkin and kelly, I have never seen any other bags from Hermes. What is their price range like for the other bags?

Hermes has a canvas line which usually have fun, bright prints for summer and spring. The canvas bags aren't as expensive as the leather bags (about $700 average). They have smaller accessories and other leather bags. You can check out Ebay for an example or check out the nearest boutique.
Thanks, just had a quick look at ebay. They are mainly birkins, i didn't realise they produce the smaller JPG shoulder birkin. Now, i really like that, but wouldn't spend £4k on it and i am not going to even think abt it! haha. Surely there are other bags from hermes! My maximum is £1500, that's the most i will spend on a really classic bag. I wish they have a better website!
I always like the Evelyn
there's also the "constance" which is the little shoulder bag with the "H" closure, and the "plume" which i think was written about in either the NY Times or Bazaar or Vogue awhile ago. it's more understated, and is a tote -- not a shoulder bag.
Thanks. I have been googling about. The herbag is quite nice, albeit somewhat disproportional. However, having seen a few of their bags, I am disappointed as there isn;t really any that i am drooling over besides the birkin and kelly. Maybe there are other nicer ones but so far, the rest of the bags just kinda falls short in terms of design. What a pity for a great brand. But joy to my wallet!
Muppy, I was going to make the exact same post as you! I was also wondering about a site where I can browse pictures of Hermes. There are only so many times I can browse through the Hermes boutique before the SAs begin to wonder when you're going to buy something....:smile: