Hermes Bags that you want in your lifetime!!!

  1. So I was thinking of writting down a list of Hermes bags that I want in my lifetime and when I consider getting it. Bear in mind, I'm still 21. Here it goes:

    Kelly Tricolor 32 ruthenium togo (now-ordered)

    Birkin BJ 35 chevre (preferred)/togo palladium (graduation in around 6 mths-waitlisted) - I'm considering of ordering it too

    Birkin Etoupe 30 togo (when I graduate my Master's)

    Birkin Black 35 chevre gold (25 years old)

    Birkin Fuschia/Orange 35 Ostrich (when I get married as my wedding present)

    Kelly Black 28 Lizard (30 years old)

    Birkin Red 30/35 Croco (40 years old)

    For now, this is the "rough draft" of the list of bags that I want in my lifetime (Or should I say the basic Hermes bags that I must have)... This really motivates me to study even harder and think of more business ventures..:biggrin:

    What about you all ladies??? This is going to be a fun thread of dreaming and wishing...
  2. Kelly and a Plume, must have those some day. Oh, and a GPTwilly and a Paris Bombay! :biggrin: Any colors/leather I love them all but especially orange. :love: :heart: :heart:
  3. Oh my....WELL! (as I rub my hands together.....)

    I don't think I can be as acurate as Wellow but here goes....and mind you it changes daily.....

    * 28cm basic Black Kelly (soupple probably)
    * 28cm Plume in Natural or Sable Chamonix (wishful thinking since there seems to be none on this planet)
    * 30 or 35cm Toile/Box calf leather in Ebone Birkin
    * Fabulous Bern wallet in violet
    * Fabulous Horn and Red Lacquer bracelet
    * any other fabulous Hermes item that sets my heart fluttering

    And since I'm ALMOST 50, I want them all NOW!
  4. Plume 28 in either BJ Togo, or chevre in a neutral brown/tan
    Paris Bombay 28 black Box
    Kelly 28 Black box rigide, palladium
    Chevre 28 Kelly fuchsia/palladium
    Evelyne pm in gold Togo
    Picotin MM in BJ Clemence
    Birkin 30 in Chevre - cognac or black
  5. Oops...forgot to add:

    * Any vintage Hermes bag in excellent condition that needs a home...

    That's it......

    For now. :rolleyes:
  6. Turquoise birkin 30 chevre
    Ostrich birkin 30 - unsure color!
    Black kelly - 28 or smaller for evening - leather?
    Garden party tote...
  7. I've also developed a crazy-strong obsession for those cute round leather animal keychains. Someone please tell me I don't absolutely need one! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Mini-Kelly in black box with gold hardware
    Sac Mallette (with the jewelry case in the bottom) in black porosus
    Lydie in Rouge Vif Porosus
    Pochette Trim in Rouge H Porosus
    Maybe the Trim Amigo PM in black togo
    Muso in Vache Naturelle
    Macpherson in black box
  9. Forgot to add Acapulco carry-on
  10. I just know that I day I want at least one crocodile Birkin and Kelly. I would also like a couple of the Gaultier birkins.

    Haven't really thought much about it though. I probably won't start buying Hermes until I'm 30 though. Yes, maybe I'll give myself a Porosus Birkin 30 for my 30th birthday. You are all such a bad influence! :biggrin:
  11. JPG birkin in togo in white
    JPG birkin in potiron
    Kelly 28 or 32 rigide in black box w/ guilloche hw
    Kelly 32 in chevre in some bright color
    Kelly 32 in bright yellow croc, like the picture in the sticky
  12. black 28 kelly in togo or clemence, with gold hardware (souple) - by or before 40 :Push: so i've got a little bit of a wait.
  13. Hmm.....
    Plume 32 Rouge H Box
    Paris Bombay Orange or Black
    Garden Party Twilly
  14. Where to begin???

    35cm Chocolate Togo or chevre birkin
    30cm Fuschia Ostrich Birkin or Kelly
    30cm Blue Jean Birkin (it seems to be haunting me :P) or 28cm Souple Kelly
    28cm Black Box Kelly
    30cm Black Chevre Birkin
    28cm Gold or Natural? Ostrich Kelly
    and of course

    30cm Chocolate Croc GORGEOUS!
    THen, I want a fuschia croc bearne wallet and matching agenda. And while you are at it, please throw in some twillys in a variety of colors to suit every mood and season. Hmm, this is fun! I just might want to add more later:lol:
  15. Hum.... let's see...

    28 Braise Croc Kelly (on waitlist)
    30 Black Croc Birkin (on waitlist)
    Both hopefully before I'm 30...
    28 rigid kelly, black or chocolate in box
    30 ostrich birkin, not sure of the color yet...
    I'm sure there are more... is there really an end to this list??