Hermes bags recipts

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  1. Hello

    Could you please show any receipt for your bags from Hermes? "Please block the personal & important info"

    I want to buy some bags from resellers, but I want to make that the receipts are original because they are not the same in all countries

    Thank you
  2. I don't think you will get any...
  3. The tPF rules forbid discussion of information that might assist counterfeiters, and sharing pictures or details of Hermes receipts would do just that. If you are purchasing via resellers, use a paid authentication service to evaluate the items. Receipts can easily be faked or be for an item different than the one you receive; they are no guarantee of authenticity.
  4. receipts don't necessarily mean an item is authentic. If you have any question in regards to authenticity check out the Authentication thread.
  5. +1
  6. And also, different countries have different format of receipts. There's no general guide on that.
  7. I think it will be better otherwise, you can send a PM with photo to someone from here
  8. Receipts are different from country to country dear. I saw receipts from Japan, Germany, France, Mexico, US, Canada,...and none of them look alike, even in Us, receipt from franchise store is different compare to regular boutique ones. And trust me, receipt doesn't mean anything if the bag is fake because they can use auth rec but selling you a fake one if they want to :smile:
  9. This
  10. Closing this as we don't want personal info posted here or info that will help counterfeiters. Thanks for your understanding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.