Hermes bags questions on other than Birkins/Kellys...

  1. Hi, everyone!:flowers: I have questions on Hermes bags... I am thinking about getting a NON-Birkin/Kelly Hermes bag.

    My two things are:
    1) Birkins/Kellys are hand (or arm)-carry bags (even though I carry Birkin 30cm or 35cm on my shoulder sometimes). So, Getting another Bolide or Web II would be too silmilar kind to Birkin or Kelly? And I already have one Bolide in 27cm. So, I am considering buying one in 31cm.

    2) Second thing is there MUST be many other non-Birkin/Kelly Hermes bags that are as great as Bolide or plume...
    *What do you guys think of Massai? btw How much is Massai? I have been wondering about Massai price, but everytime when I am in a store, I forget to ask.
    *What about Omnibus? It looks pretty. It looks somewhat square though... I heard that it is hard to make kind of bag. So, it is as expensive as Birkin/Kelly. Is it true...?
    *Lastly, Trim...I like Trim bag. But there are other brands produce very silmilar look. When I saw Trim for the first time, I thought 'Gucci bag!'
    *Any other recommendations?

    Sorry for this many questions... I would love to get some feedback from lovely forum members. I always make a good choice whenever I get some advice from you guys first before I go into/call Hermes:yes: .

    Ahhhh...there are so many things I want from Hermes....I want one of those mink pancho from Hermes, too!!!

    We (my DH and I) made a HUGE expense at Tiffany very recently( it might be nothing compare to some of other forum members who have BEAUTIFUL & GORGEOUS HUGE:heart: rings..). So, I should control a little bit...But I need Hermes-air once so many days... I need to make my decision very carefully..Thanks!:love:
  2. Hi Aspenmaterial,

    i bought my massai gm 2 months ago for EUR 2.1oo.
    This is a gorgous and spacy bag!
    there is also the pm which comes in europe about 1.900EUR.
    i have the trim as well,but i love the massai much more because it fits so comfy under arm and as you said no other company has a similar modell.
    good luck on your choice!
  3. So, it massai about $3000 in US...? I also think Evelyn looks cute and practical!
  4. i like the vespa -- and to my eye it has a distinctive hermes look to it.

  5. Thank you for the photo!
  6. I can highly recommend the Evelyne. My PM is BJ Clemence and was $1675. I am also in love with the Massai and am currently searching for one in Rouge H. Saw a PM in Havane Evercalf (the SA thought) for about $2500. :flowers:
  7. aspen, have you seen one of their new bags sac caravanne? it's like a travel bag with 2 huge pockets in the front (similar to a gardening bag - think LLBean canvas bag but in leather). it's not a formal bag nor is it a shoulder bag. just a thought........i can't seem to find a picture of it.
  8. crochetbella-your Evelyn is really attractive! I've looked at your pictures posting over and over. Oh....Blue jean Everlyn....!
  9. Well I'm not much help because I absolutely love my plume and bolide (web II) - but for a shoulder bag the trim I think is nice, and the Evelyn has grown on me....I just love the variety of colors in different bags and am trying not to get similar colors for the most part! I really don't know any of the other bags...
  10. Thank you Aspen! It's a really great shoulder/messenger bag. :flowers:

    I found that I could not use the Massai as a messenger, but I still love the two different length straps and the SA showed us how you can fold the top over and carry it as a large clutch. Very nice! I saw one in Potiron Togo a few months and it was so pretty. I wish I would have gotten it because when I went back (a few days later) it was gone. I'm going to ask on Saturday if they could find one in Rouge H. :flowers:
  11. I agree with crochetbella the Evelyne is fantastic. I have the GM in cyclamen epsom and it was £960.
  12. CB, what time are you heading to the SFO store this saturday?
  13. Around 11? If that works...we can be there whenever...we'll just be shopping Union Square all day so let me know!
  14. woohoo! all day??? i'll send you a PM.....hope to see you and shopmom, too!
  15. :yahoo: I am really looking forward to it! You all can help me twist DH's arm if they have the Massai I'm looking for. :lol: ;)