Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. So fresh, I love this pairing, sissy!

    How luxe is this?! Just gorgeous, pepsi!
  2. Thank you!

    What a good idea!
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    Great minds think alike, sissy!!! :ghi5:

  4. How fun and cute! :p
  5. Today outside still very wintery weather, but yellow scarf brings me sunshine. ;)
    (Jaune Parures des Maharajas, Miss B, Acne Comet pony hair ankle boots and feather brooch)
    photo 2.jpg
  6. Lovely colour combining, i love the boots and brooch :yes:
  7. Thank you hermesdaisuki, chincac, BritAbroad, plumtree, madameM. :hugs:

    Hi twin!! Beautiful. :smile::heart:

    I usually think that parure is a bit heavy design but in this color is so freshly pretty!
    Major congrats. Love all in this pic!
  8. colorfull day....
    foto 3.JPG
  9. beautiful pdm..brings sunshine indeed!

    interesting scarf sissy, what is the design? drooling over the croc lindy!
  10. lilanga :smile:
  11. pjlatte, love this pic!
    MadameM, we are scarf twins... I have this in a 90cm.
    Sissy, gorgeous croc Lindy
  12. Thank you sissy & plumtree.

    Thank you for the sunshine! This is very lovely!

    Beauuuuutiful pic as always, sissy. I'm drooling over your gorgeous collection.

  13. OMG dear....i'm just catching up...and running out of breath, and positively dizzy, and my heart is skipping beats. See what you've done to me! :love: :nuts:

  14. Geez woman, between you and hermesdaisuki i feel like i've been run over by a train. Totally unable to breathe. Dying here.... that caiman gator CDC is killing me. Just killing me.

  15. oh guys, i'm pretty much dead, dying and your lovely pics aren't really helping to resurrect me. i keep fallnig to the ground in deep faints of breathlessness. :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.