Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. Thank you, plumtree! The wedges are SO comfortable to walk in, it's simply amazing.
  2. foxie-pooh this is my favorite match, couverture and etoupe :love:
    you will love couverture every day more... :cloud9:

    thank you and your pairing is fantastic. love this candy really much. major congrats!

    beautiful arabesques! your vintage is stunning!
  3. white feeling again...
    foto 3 copia.JPG foto 1.JPG
  4. This is just awesome sissy, the snowy white against the black is beautiful, such a powerful graphic image.
  5. the white and black combo is just timeless and all class!
  6. yay we are shawl twins too :smile: love the candy kelly..
  7. Summer silk twill 140 and black birkin 35 togo:

  8. Gorgeous Pepsimax! I've been itching for this shawl for ages but my boutique does not have it in yet. I've just started browsing your other thread: what fun! You have a lovely collection and fab taste!
  9. Thank you plumtree:flowers:
    I finally got mine on H com the other day, after searching every single day for 2 months!
    My boutique does not have it either:search:
  10. thank you chincac and plumtree

    pepsimax, beautiful pairing with 140 summer silk in this cw and of course the beautiful B in togo. congrats!
  11. Thank you, everyone. I am a novice and have much to learn. Which is why I love this thread!
  12. Congrats on your new shawl and bleu orage, foxie-pooh! I do love that colour.
  13. This is beautiful, sissy. Black and white is so on-trend and a classic, too.

    pepsimax, love this! I have been admiring this particular summer silk 140, and your pic is quite enabling. We might end up twins.
  14. sissy milano, you are the best with neutrals! Look at those stunning white bags! I would never be able to keep something like that pristine.
  15. Lovely, plumtree. I initially thought that a Graff GM would be too much, well, graffiti, for me (I got a twilly and thought that would be enough). I've seen this one in store and it is my favourite colourway so far but I've resisted even picking it up (let alone trying it on!) for fear that it would come home with me...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.