Hermes bags ~ Perfect Match ~ Hermes Scarves/Shawls

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  1. Let's have fun and mix our Hermes bags with different Hermes scarves/shawls.
    Please post photos of pairing your H bags with different H scarves/shawls.

    I found photos posted by TPFers matching their bags with the scarves/shawls very useful reference guides. :biggrin:

    It would be best if you can specify the colour and leather of your bag and the style and colour of your scarves/shawls!!!

    I don't have most of my shawls/scarves with me right now, I will post more photos once I am back home. ;)

    My first contribution Cheche stole in brun macassar and graphite clemence victoria.

  2. A few other TPFers have inspired me to create this thread.

    Below are some combinations that I really love.

    Photo Credit: TankerToad (hope she does not mind me reposting her photos here).

    Tours de cles in rough H with rouge vif fjord birkin.

  3. Photo credit: robee

    Ex Libris GM shawl in black/white and grey/white with black box plume elan.

  4. Photo credit: TankerToad

    Ex-Libris en camouglage (blanc/chocolat/noir) with Biscuit swift kelly longue

  5. Photo credit: Pamella

    Quand Soudain silk scarf in marron glace/gris/gris bleute with etoupe togo birkin.

  6. Photo credit: Roo Cambonne

    Collection Equestre GM shawl with Blue Abysse Massai

  7. TankerToad, robee, you girls have sooooo many lovely bag & scarf/shawl combinations, please share more photos..:smile:

    It would be great if others can share their bag & scarf/shawl photos as well. TIA.
  8. Hi Boogee,

    Thanks for starting this thread.
    Love matching the silk with leather:biggrin:

    Here's mine.... (reposting the plume, not showing on your post)

    Black Box Plume with EL Noir and Gris

    Gris T Togo Birkin with EL Noir and Kelly Jumping Boots
    Gris T Togo with Collection Equestre GM

    Kelly with Un Jardin Apres La Mousson Twilly
    Kelly Danse with Fleurs de L'Opera
    The Trio - updated.jpg Plume with noir and gris EL.jpg CE with Gris T.jpg Chamonix Kelly.jpg EL and Fleurs L Opera.jpg
  9. Here are a few I had on file of some of my shawls with my Vert Anis Birkin 35:

    Vert Absinthe Tohu Bohu:

    Bleu Dur Tohu Bohu:

    Marine Early America:

    Pervenche Pavements:
  10. Here's another one... black with GHW and M et M scarf ...

    birkin with scarf.jpg
  11. And one more ... Bleu Lagon Kachinas shawl:

  12. Lovely lovely photos robee and Kallie Girl!! It is really really nice to see how the same bag can look soooo beautiful with shawls/scarves in different colourways. :biggrin:

    Please keep photos coming. ;)
  13. A few more
    I love scarves with bags
    Can you tell?
    cover%20013.jpg kp%20beach%20004.jpg august%2022%202009%20018.jpg kelly%20pink%20024.jpg kelly%20flat%20002.jpg
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  14. i am not a purple person, but this is gorgeous!
    remember you eed a bag set (bag, wallet, scarf/shawl, accessories)
    hee hee

  15. A few more!
    colorful%20010.jpg leopard%20015.jpg newest%20iphone%20160.jpg shadow%20edit!.jpg
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