Hermes Bags on the go!!!

  1. Hello i'm sorry if this been posted allready

    I was wondering where do you guys, and ladys take your hermes, Birkin or kelly bags. Also what do u carry inside your big hermes also, give Details. :yahoo:
  2. Everywhere!!! Even to the zoo!
  3. Yeah, pretty much what Rose said.

    Unless it's raining.
  4. Everywhere except the nail/hair salon.
  5. to target, to costco, to hawaii, to maldives, to the mall, to deer park in japan, to elephant ride at the fair.

    not to work, and not to elder relatives' house.

    (you see i protect my bags from people danger. not environment danger).
  6. Goodness! Mine have even been out hanging with drag queens............and prodding a few with forks and bananas in the process.:p
  7. I take my Birkin everywhere--work, shopping, church, wherever. I put my wallet and makeup bag, iPod, PDA, phone, reading glasses, sunglasses, pens, keys and card carrier. It's pretty heavy after a while!
  8. Well I can say where I have consciously NOT taken it. I have not taken it to nail salons, took it to a nightclub after work one day but will not take it to a club again (the 40cm is way too big for a comfy night of dancing in a crowded club with the smoking, spilled drinks, trying to squeeze through the crowd and I'd probably keep accidently knocking my dance partners 'man jewels' with it while trying to dance with it on my forearm and no way would I put it on a nightclub floor), I wouldn't take it to a picnic outdoors or cookout in a wooded park or anything like shoes have a hard enough coming back clean without worrying about my bag, I wouldn't take it when I go home to visit family when I am going to be visiting a lot of very impoverished just seems so out of place...actually all my high end fashion seems out of place when I go home, I wouldn't take it if I was going to grab a bite at a greasy spoon or my favorite BBQ ribs place, it wouldn't be my first choice for a simple house party at a friends house like a super bowl party or cookout by the pool and I wouldn't take it on a job interview.

    Beyond that I have mainly taken it to work, on a day of errands/shopping and to fancy receptions after work as my power bag kind of like men wear their power tie. If I had been going to sorority meetings/events or church more since I've had it I would have taken it there also. Since I have had it I have only traveled to Vegas and to relatives in the Midwest and I didn't take it (took Chanel totes instead) but I may take it when I go to Paris in April 2008.
  9. LMAO! I want to hang out with you! I miss Marie's Crisis so very much.
  10. Everywhere, even on my bike!
  11. There is such a wide variety of Hermes bags - so even if a Birkin or Kelly would be inappropriate (although there aren't too many place that would fit that bill) there is always a different H that would be perfect! Yesterday, DH, DS and I took a drive into the country and visited a farm. I wore my orange togo Picotin and would you believe - received compliments at the farm! LOL!! I doubt I would have carried a Birkin or Kelly, but a Picotin, Evelyne or Berlingot - you bet!