Hermès bags on guys

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  1. I was answering another thread, where some member was asking about "birkin´s on guys", so as a birkin, and now kelly :wtf:, I decided to create this, I will post two pictures of me during a photoshoot to a Portuguese magazine, I just arrived with the bag and she went crazy, she told me : that bag has to be on the pictures, decision that was NOT A problem for me... Then she was trying to convince me to borrow some of my bags to her photoshoots/storys, but the answer was obviously: NO, dear!!! Will you borrow me your kids to do my work?!?!? No answer... I think she didn´t get the point, but you did, FOR SURE!!!
    Here it goes, and I want your feedback, your pictures...
    Come on BIG SPENDERS, spend a little time with birkin!

    P.S- I will also post a recent Men´s Vogue picture, and the last picture of the last Hermès show,that I think that says everything about this Thread... (both pics credit: Style.com)

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  2. Oh, and this picture is already knowned, anyway, I´m so jealous, it doesn´t look good on him, but it will look great on me, maybe on you, in my closet, in yours, but horrible on my, and probably yours AMEX bills!

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  3. That's hot. Love men with Birkins!
  4. Awesome pics...thanks for sharing...I LOVE birkins, both on men and women!
  5. :tup:
  6. We should have Pete in this thread too.
  7. Vreelandia, your avatar looks really familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere :confused1:.
  8. that's mama pazt's closet!!
  9. Great pictures, thank you for sharing!
  10. Ugh, you can´t take someone´s personal pics and use them as your avatar:Push:
  11. Now ... I am going with the assumption that you adore the orange trophies on top of pazt's wardrobe. And I think such fellow envy is kind of healthy. But I think it's only courtesy that you give photo credit to pazt, and on top of that, ask pazt for permission?

    I think we at Hermes sub forum do things a bit more differently and with more decorum and class. Ahem. Wait a min, I am not talking about myself. :sweatdrop: I am talking about the Hermes ladies in general. :tender::flowers:
  12. Oohh yes! Thanks PBC!!:flowers:
  13. You have photographic memory, Tricia. :tup:
  14. I don't carry handbags myself,
    but think it's okay for every other guy to wear them, if they feel it helps them carry stuff around and get organized...

    In fact,
    that blue croc Birkin suits its wearer very well...
    Wearing pants that are slightly too short on the ankles is "le dernier cri" on this year's Paris men's catwalks;)

    Is that a rare 40cm, BTW???
  15. Oh yes it is!!! Such an inspiration, such a goal to achieve... ANYTHING against the fact that I´m using it?!? It´s just sooooooooo simbolic, and make us feel all miserable, I mean it makes me feel miserable, because I don´t know how many hermès bags do you ladies and now GUYS have!!!
    And don´t want a pic of my closet, such a mess, it´s actually more a storage than a closet!