Hermes bags looking for a home...

  1. :throwup:
  2. eesh. i feel like i've seen some of those pics on eBay too. def the garden parties. i think one of those was the one in the fake auction that livet won. right?
  3. I am not really sure how to do this, but if that site is not from China, is there a way to tell? And rat them out.

    I want to rat everybody out.
  4. Funny thing was my mom who called me...her voice with urgency...

    She was shopping on eluxury..... and this was one of the advertisements that popped up...:wtf:

    ** well...i tried to paste the url from my search thru to find the owner of the domain name. seems like it is originally from Singapore.

    You all check it out...see if I read it correctly....( i kinda scanned ).
  5. yeah, me too -- lemme attem!!!!!

  6. ??!! Singapore.

    They better watch out --- if MrsSparkles finds them they are TOAST!!!
  7. Singapore??? SHEESH!!

    MrsS, you need to see this!!
  8. :nogood::yucky::throwup::mad::boxing: Just makes me want to spit!!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I'm here! Asa saw this thread on her Blackberry over our lunch, and told me about it.

  11. I just checked the domain owner.

    The owner may or may not be resident in Singapore, as the registration looks like its made through a proxy.

    I need to see what I can do. I HATE this. :cursing:
  12. If it's based in Singapore, these people are in serious trouble. The police did some serious sweep up only on July 11, 2007:

    5 Arrested in Police Anti-Piracy Operation Against Distribution And Sales of Fake Luxury and Sportwear Products

    In a 13-hour island-wide operation conducted from 9.30am to 11.00pm on 11 July 2007, Police busted a major local distributor and a syndicate involved in the sale and distribution of counterfeit luxury and sportswear products.
  13. ^^ TammyD, I have reported to the Criminal Investigation Department. Am awaiting for a reply from them.

    If you know if a better party to report this fraudulent website to, please PM me! This site MUST be pulled. Makes my blood boil that this is happening. If it's in China, it's too far to do anything. If it's in SG ... :smash::smash:
  14. Haha, for some reason I do hope that they are in SG.

    So we can make mincemeat out of them!