Hermes bags and stopping buy others....

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  1. Okay, so now this bug has bitten and I'm really, really excited! However, I'm kind of afraid.....because I need to not buy new bags every couple of months, obviously because of the cost -- any suggestions or tips on how to control myself??!! Honestly, I probably spend the amount on bags per year equally that of a birkin - I'm hoping to be happy with what I have and looking forward to another purchase but it's going to be a long time in between - Thanks for those of you with suggestions and help!:idea:
  2. This is my current mantra: The IT BAG will be over in 5 minutes, stick with Hermes.:biggrin: If you add up all the $$ spent on all the IT BAGS, then you can have a new Hermes:love:
  3. shoes, I'm having the same problem myself
  4. It is tough to hold out at times because as much as I love Hermes there are other very nice higher end bags. It all comes down to what you really want and sometimes it is really hard to wait. Patience is the key they always say.:wacko:
  5. Jessdressed: you're no help:lol:

    Kellybag: I'm not known for patience....will have to work on this one! I used to be good about saving for things (before kids anyway) so I'll have to really work on setting a goal for like one bag per year....

    gracekelly: absolutely! I'm going to need to type that and put it on my mirror for a daily chant though!
  6. Whenever you see a bag, think it over for a day or two. Then, if it is still lurking in your thoughts, pass by the shop again and see how you feel. Ok, with Hermes Birkin it's difficult to think it through for a day or 2 because someone will be there to grab it before you know it.

    As Kellybag also says, and at Hermes everytime I ask if a new Birkin shipment arrive: "You must have some patience"
  7. lol:lol: sorry
  8. Well, here's my opinion. With Hermes, it's kind of a "get it while you can" type of deal. I think you did that with the Kelly and the Birkin.
    Once you get your "must have" bags, I think it will be easier for you to pick and choose in the future.
    Also, buying, maybe one or two bags a year will make them seem more special!
  9. How true - and there are always accessories and other things on a lesser scale...I'm feeling better - thanks! I also did just return one bag I hadn't used yet (Mulberry)....
  10. Right!!
    Personally, nothing compares to Hermes for me. I'd rather have one of these bags every 1-2 years than 5 of the latest IT bags...
  11. See if its possible to put in an order anywhere near you :biggrin: If thats possible you'll have something to look forward to. If not, buy the birkin ASAP as soon as you see it. The hunt is a lot of fun!@ I'm waiting for the perfect one too :biggrin:
  12. So there is a waitlist for the birkin?I know this is a dumb question but if you don't know then you ask.
  13. No dumb questions here! :smile:
    Yes, and they say that the waitlist is closed. And it is, unless you're a VIP, celebrity or have a good relationship with a SA and they help you "around" the list. :smile:
  14. Hi Shoe, this is what I do...I allow myself two Hermes bags per year (gifts/presents excluded :nuts: ), and I'm very selective about the other non-Hermes bags that I buy.

    I didn't stop buying other bags completely after I started wearing Hermes because there are times when wearing an Hermes is not very appropriate... But as you get used to quality of Hermes, you need to have some other bags that you will want to wear when you can't wear Hermes. I hope I'm making sense...:biggrin: For this reason, I'm eyeing a Tod's bag that has this amazing leather that resembles the H clemence :love:
  15. Ideally, it would be great if you can hold out and save for hermes...but reality is it will be HARD not buy any bags until your dream hermes show up. Especially on this board where beautiful bags are constantly dangled under our noses LOL!