Hermes Bag Reference Thread

  1. I thought I would try and post some links to the various reference threads we have going for non Kelly/Birkin bags. I tried to post this in the Reference Section but wasn't allowed. I remember there was talk a while ago about finding a place to put these where people could find them easier but until the Mods and Megs/Vlad can decide how to do this I thought this might be a little helpful. Also, I am bored and I needed something to do.

    Kelly Pochette


    Victoria FT

    Leather Garden Party



    And links to some popular picture threads
  2. Very handy, thank you.
  3. Thank you dianagrace. This is really handy. Plus I suppose it keeps you away from the BIN? Idle hands and all that!!!!
  4. I am so honored that one of the threads I started made it to the list! Yay!! Usually I have nothing important to on this post! ;)
  5. There is also an evelyne thread out there--let's find that--I would hate to ignore that beautiful bag!!

    Great work, dianagrace!
  6. I knew I was forgetting something, thanks CK. Everyone, please add anything else I am missing and then maybe Kellybag or Jag will move it to the reference section.
  7. This is a great idea....i am going to come back later and find the scarf ones to add.
  8. Thanks, this is very convenient!! VERY!
  9. This is very useful, dianagrace! :tup: