Hermes bag questionarie

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    1) First hermes bag- My mother's Black Box Constance, which I "borrowed" from her collection.
    2) First birkin/kelly- Blue Jean 35 B (I actually bought this one :rolleyes:).
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly- My mother's Chocolate Box K35 sellier (Again, "borrowed").
    4) Next purchase- Probably a Ulysses GM when I find another color I like.
    5) Secret dream bag- H has not made the perfect bag for me yet, but I'd jump on a fabulous backpack in Bamboo.
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  2. 1) First hermes bag - Hermes Kelly 40cm
    2) First birkin/kelly - Birkin 35cm Gold on Gold
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - I love them all equally ( lol )
    4) Next purchase - A Paddock hopefully the horse head
    5) Secret dream bag - Don't have one of yet
  3. Lol so young, so naive


    1. First H bag: Blue Abysse Pico PM
    2. First B/K: Noisette Box B30 PHW
    3. Your favorite B/K: omg it's like choosing a favorite child! 3 way tie: BJ Epsom B25 PHW; BJ box K28 PHW; black croc K32 GHW
    4. Next purchase: I think I'm done collecting for now.... .... Constance?
    5. Secret Dream Bag: Plume 20/28, Dalvy or B25 --in croc and a very bright color!!!
  4. 1) First Hermes Bag - Tosca Kelly 32

    2) First Birkin - Blue de Galice Birkin 30

    3) Favourite B/K - can't make up my mind lol

    4) Next purchase - B25/K28/B30

    5) Secret dream bag - a matte croc B/K maybe?
  5. 1) First hermes bag - blue indigo B35 ( first and last B35)

    2) First Birkin - the above

    3) Favorite B/K - all my K selliers

    4) Next purchase - told my SA I wanted a red B30 next

    5) Secret dream bag- not a secret as all my 3 SAs know I want a black croc B 30 or K28 /32 in the future
  6. 1) First hermes bag - Trim 31cm gold/GHW
    2) First birkin/kelly - 30cm raisin/phw
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - ooh that's difficult! Either B25 rose Azalee/GHW or K28 anemone/GHW
    4) Next purchase - for bags, probably my B30 SO unless B30 blue electric/GHW comes in. After that C18...
    5) Secret dream bag - Hm, either K25 or K28 shiny exotic GHW...something jewel-toned!
  7. What fun!

    1) First H bag - the duo sac Herbag(1st version) in black and off white toile with natural leather flap and shoulder strap.
    2) First Birkin - B35 clemence Rouge Grenat ghw
    First Kelly - K32 retourne swift Etoupe phw
    3) Fave Birkin - B30 togo Gris Mouette phw(perfect size, weight, versatile neutral color)
    Fave Kelly - K28 sellier epsom Noir phw(perfect souvenir from FSH)
    4) Next purchase - if my SA offers, a B30 clemence or togo ghw, in a warm neutral shade(gold, trench, etoupe)
    5) Secret dream bag - SO K28 and or B30 in chevre...with a rocabar strap stashed inside as a surprise!