Hermes bag questionarie

  1. 1) First H bag - B35 étoupe phw
    2) First B/K - see above
    3) Favourite B/K - probably my B25 fauve barenia ghw
    4) Next Purchase - BBB30 ghw
    5) Secret Dream Bag - definitely an exotic, a black KP alligator ghw or K25
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  2. 1.) Birkin 40 cm
    2.) see 1
    3.) actually - 40 cm as well but either black PHW or gris (any!) PHW
    4.) pffffff... it's more about "when" and less about "what"
    5.) B 40 cm gris t, PHW
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  3. So fun to read these!

    1) First H bag - B30 Vert Fonce GHW
    2) First B/K - see above
    3) Your favourite B/K - love them all, but definitely a soft spot for my B35 Noir Ghillies
    4) Next purchase - something ostrich
    5) Secret dream bag - mimosa matte croc K28
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    Love the thread!
    1) First H bag - B30 Vert Anis PHW Swift
    2) First B/K - see above
    3) Your favourite B/K - B30 Geranium PHW Togo. Love every single bag in my collection though :heart:
    4) Next purchase - B25 Pink or White. Love Togo but other leathers are fine.
    5) Secret dream bag - B25 Himalayan Birkin or B30 Black Croc Matte Birkin
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  5. How fun! Cant believe as a H newbie, I can answer this thread already, things got out of control FAST!
    1) First hermes bag - Herbag 31, chocolate/noir
    2) First Birkin/Kelly - K28 Etain Sellier PHW
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly - DH just asked me yday, and I said B30 Fauve Barenia PHW! Im so hooked by the leather... always thought I would love kelly more
    4) Next purchase - Bordeaux C24 or Vintage Black Box K28
    5) Secret dream bag: think its better not to put down one..otherwise I might really try to get it!!
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  6. 1) First hermes bag - Black Massai GM Clemence
    2) First Birkin/Kelly - K35 Togo Etain Ghw, SO contrast stitch
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly - currently K25 Black Swift
    4) Next purchase - Craie Swift-bag TBD
    5) Secret dream bag: black, matte, croc, PHW...
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  7. 1) First Hermès bag: Jypsiere 28 etoupe
    2) First Birkin/Kelly: BBKelly wallet, guilloche PHW
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly: both Birkin 30 fauve Barenia PHW and BBKelly GHW
    4) Next purchase: Birkin 30 Etoupe
    5) Secret dream bag: Kelly 25 lizard Paris Grey
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  8. First Hermes bag. Evelyn's pm rose sakura
    First birkin: b30 in rose Jaipur (named her Madison)
    Favorite birkin/Kelly: b30 in gold with gold hardware
    Next purchase : hopefully a b25 in blue zephyr
    Secret dream bag: b25 or 30 in croc himalaya
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  9. Oh this is fun!!!
    First Hermes bag: Rouge fourre tote MM

    First Birkin: Potiron B35 (named her was after the whole Oprah scandal).

    Favorite Birkin/Kelly: do I have to pick just one? My antique K35 in VN

    Next purchase: just bought a K35 in Ebene and a B35 in Vert, think I'm on Ban island for quite some time...oh, and a Moka picotin GM...I've been very bag, I mean bad!

    Secret dream bag: B40 in Matte Barenia Croc.
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  10. Love this thread!

    1) First hermes bag: Orange Evelyn III
    2) First birkin/kelly: Etoupe 35 Birkin GHW
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly: I only have the one Birkin but have so many B/K's on my wishlist - Black B35 GHW, Gold B35 GHW, Red K32, Blue K32
    4) Next purchase: Black Birkin, Red Kelly or Pink Constance
    5) Secret dream bag: Nothing crazy - pretty much any of the ones on my wish list.
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  11. What a fun thread!!!
    1) First hermes bag - GP in Rouge Duchess
    2) First birkin/kelly - First B: B35 etain in clemence with GHW and First K: K28 etoupe in Togo with GHW
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - malachite B30 in Togo with GHW
    4) Next purchase - my SO if it comes this year or K32
    5) Secret dream bag - I can't believe I am saying it but I already got her : malachite B30 with GHW! How cool is that
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  12. So fun to see everyone's answers!
    1. First hermes bag - Orange Kelly Retourne 32
    2. First Birkin/Kelly - see above
    3. Your favorite Birkin/Kelly - Rose Jaipur Kelly 28
    4. Next purchase - on ban island for a good while, but eventually a Birkin 30 in etoupe
    5. Secret dream bag- Pink ostrich Kelly 25/28
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  13. What a fun thread!

    1. First H Bag: B30 Rubis Swift PHW.

    2. First B/K: First B, see no.1. First Kelly, K28 Brique Box Sellier GHW.

    3. Your favorite B/K: love all of my bags but if i reeeally have to chose then it'll be my first SO, B30 Parme-Rose Tyrien Chevre Mysore Brushed GHW

    4. Next Purchase: My outstanding SO, K28 Blue Hydra Evercolor GHW and a C24 Trench GHW.

    5. Secret Dream Bag: B30 alligator matte GHW.
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  14. Love seeing this fun thread resurrected! Here's mine:

    First Hermes bag: Azur Garden Party

    First B/K: Vintage (1993) Rouge Vif Retourne Box Kelly 32 with GHW.

    Favorite B/K: Ugh, I hate choosing! I have three Kelly's and love them all. But my most used is my Barenia K35.

    Next purchase: Not planning one yet, as I just bought Vintage Kelly #3 (Indigo Box 35 with white contrast stitching and rouge interior) and haven't even used it yet. Taking a break from big purchases until I have a chance to use this one!

    Secret dream bag: I'm not a Birkin girl because I need a shoulder strap, but I'd love to own one of Jane Birkin's old Birkins!
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  15. I'm so curious:
    1) First hermes bag - Burgundy Kelly 28
    2) First birkin/kelly - same as above
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - all really... the croc ones I have might be kind of special, but I don't have a favourite
    4) Next purchase - K28 again, thinking of whether if I should get any birkin
    5) Secret dream bag - a birkin with mixture of leathers
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