Hermes bag questionarie

  1. 1) First hermes bag: Herbag in natural and black

    2) First birkin/kelly: 35cm Chèvre in Potiron

    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly: See above

    4) Next purchase: Hermes? Nothing planned. I'm looking at a Chanel GST for my birthday.

    5) Secret dream bag: Hermes 35 or 40 in Togo Blue Jean or Etoupe...or Gris...or Parchemin...or... :P
  2. This should be easy since I have only one Hermes bag LOL!
    First Hermes Bag: B40 Blue de Presse PHW(HOWEVER) 1st official Hermes item was Rouge Clic Clac
    First Birkin/Kelly: See above
    Favorite Birkin/Kelly: See Above
    Next Purchase: B30 Black Togo GHW(finding that the 40 is just too big)
    Secret Dream Bag: B30 Black Togo GHW
  3. Hi everyone,

    First Hermes Bag - So Kelly 22 in Tosca

    First B/K - K 35 Chocolate

    Favorite B/K- well I don't have this yet but this has got to be my favorite out of all that I've seen so far... Blue Sapphire, Etain, Vert de Gris all in K32

    Next Purchase - probably one of the Ks mentioned above, Bolide in black/shade of navy, or mini Berline.

    Dream bag - the Ks mentioned above or a Kelly Clutch for more dressy occasions in a non-exotic leather :smile:
  4. 1. First hermes bag:

    Chocolat box K35 sellier PHW

    2. First birkin/kelly:

    First Kelly - see above

    First Birkin(s) - RT epsom B35 GHW and the very next day, Griolet tadelakt B35 PHW (well, it was a stressful period and this was the result of stress-induced shopping - can they be considered fraternal twins?:yes:)

    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly:

    Noooooo! This is like asking me to choose a favourite child! If forced to..... still no single favourite - a toss up between Raisin togo K35 retourne GHW/ Anemone togo B40 GHW (new kid on the block, remains to be seen whether fickle me will change my mind)

    4) Next purchase:

    Probably a K40 retourne in a bright blue shade

    5) Secret dream bag:

    Matt croc Kelly in a jewel tone. A girl can dream, right?
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  5. 1) First hermes bag: 35 kelly bougainvillea clemence PHW
    2) First birkin/kelly: see above
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly: they're both my fave
    4) Next purchase: hopefully orange B 30
    5) Secret dream bag: not a bag but I saw an orange color leather jacket at H store in Europe I loved!

  6. Fun fun!!
    1) Rouge Garance Birkin PHW
    2) Rouge Garance Birkin PHW
    3) Tough! So Black Birkin and Black Box Calf Kelly with Guilloche Hardware
    4) Waiting on my 3 colors Birkin (hopefully by June!)
    5) Bordeaux Croc Constance
  7. 1) First Hermes bag
    L30 rose dagree swift
    2) First Birkin/ Kelly
    B30 lime candy
    3) Favorite Birkin/ Kelly
    K32 black croc poro ghw
    4) Next purchase
    Hopefully k28 clovert nilo ghw
    5) Secret Dream Bag
    B25 himalaya blanc
  8. I'm so curious:
    1) First hermes bag - Sac a Depeche 41 black clemence PHW
    2) First birkin/kelly - n/a
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - n/a
    4) Next purchase - not really a bag, but a Bazar pouch in size MM that I intend to use as a clutch (color???)
    5) Secret dream bag - Hac 45 in toile with fauve barenia trim, PHW
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  9. 1) First hermes bag - Etoupe Lindy 30
    2) First birkin/kelly - Black fjord kelly 35
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - not applicable, I love them all
    4) Next purchase - Nothing at the moment
    5) Secret dream bag - Emeraude croc 25b ghw / Wallago Cabine (dreambag because I doubt I'd travel with this but it's gorgeous)
  10. 1) First hermes bag - Evie GM orange
    2) First Birkin/Kelly - Chocolat Birkin 40 phw and 2 weeks later Gold Kelly 35 phw
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly - Malachite B30 ghw!!!!!!!
    4) Next purchase - B25 in grey or red OR k25 sellier
    5) Secret dream bag - bordeaux croc kelly 28 ghw
  11. 1) First H bag - Feu Evercolor Lindy 30
    2) First B/K - Still waiting for karmic alignment to bring me a K32 Sellier in black, ardoise, raisin, vert fonce or bleu de France box leather, preferably w/ PHW
    3) Your favorite B/K - If I owned one, it would be a black box K32 Sellier w/ PHW
    4) Next purchase - On Ban Island for the foreseeable future
    5) Secret dream bag - Mimosa or Cactus shiny croc K32 (If you're going to dream, might as well dream big!) A little more realistic would be a vintage Kelly from my birth year.
  12. 1) First hermes bag - Evie PM Blue Hydra
    2) First Birkin/Kelly - Soufre Birkin 35 ghw
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly - Orange Poppy B30 ghw
    4) Next purchase - K28 Rouge Casaque epsom sellier ghw (pls let it arrive soon!!)
    5) Secret dream bag - B30 Himalaya croc!!
  13. I love zombie threads! This is a fun one.

    1) First hermes bag Birkin 35, Gold Clemence, PHW
    2) First birkin/kelly see above :P
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly Very tough. Either my SO Kelly 32 Togo sellier Noir/Rouge H lining/brushed PHW or my 1980 Kelly 28 sellier Rouge H box GHW or my Barenia B35. And the others are really close, which is good as with these bags you SHOULD be fighting to choose a favorite.
    4) Next purchase Two SOs outstanding, otherwise probably a BE K28 or B30 if I'm not done, or if I find a vintage mini Kelly. But I think I am done except SOs.
    5) Secret dream bag Gris T K28 Clemence with Tosca interior and Rose Lipstick contrast stitch; BE croc K25 or TB20; emerald croc Passe-Guide; matte black croc K25/28 with metallic silver lining.
  14. Fun!

    1) First hermes bag - Vintage Kelly 32, gold with gold hardware
    2) First Birkin/Kelly - See above
    3) Favorite Birkin/Kelly - this is too hard, but I'll go with my first B: rouge casaque, b30, gold HW
    4) Next purchase - who knows! Maybe my SO next year or if I get lucky, something else in fall
    5) Secret dream bag - this is too hard too. Black crock b25; blue iris ostrich b30....definitely into exotics lately
  15. 1) First Hermes Bag - Herbag 31 Prune/Chocolate

    2) First B/K - Kelly 32 Sellier Epsom GHW Blue Sapphire

    3) Favorite B/K - Birkin 30 Clemence PHW Noir (most used lately)

    4) Next Purchase - Toolbox 20 is the goal within the next few days in Spain

    5) Secret Dream Bag - a realistic dream bag, an Ostrich SO