Hermes bag questionarie

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  1. I'm so curious:
    1) First hermes bag
    2) First birkin/kelly
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly
    4) Next purchase
    5) Secret dream bag

    Thank you! I hope you will find this tread nice and fun!
  2. I will start:
    1) no one. I'm waiting for my first that will be an anemone togo birkin
    2) 35 b anemone (hopefully)
    3) I don't have any hermes bag :nogood:
    4) after my first 35, I hope I can get a 30 or 25.
    5) Rose Sherazade birkin
  3. What a fun thread!

    1) First hermes bag - Black Sellier Kelly 28 GHW
    2) First birkin/kelly - see above though I just bought a 35 Birkin in Gold epsom that I'm waiting to receive
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - not sure yet - I like all my H bags!
    4) Next purchase - Garden party - orange or 35 Bolide
    5) Secret dream bag - any bag in Barenia or Electric Blue togo
  4. This seems like a fun one!

    First hermes bag: PHW Birkin 30 in Black Togo.
    First birkin/kelly: As above.
    Your favourite birkin/kelly: Probably the same Birkin. It was my first, and has a special place in my heart!
    Next purchase: Depends on what the store offers me! I have two bags on order, so it's a race to see which one comes in first...
    Secret dream bag: Kelly Pochette in black croc. I don't do enough evening-wear occasions to ever justify the price of this... But my goodness, I would love one.
  5. First Hermes bag, Kelly 28 Black Swift PHW

    First Birkin/Kelly, as above, First Birkin SO Orange outside/Tosca Interior Togo GHW

    Your favourite Birkin/Kelly, First SO Kelly 28 Raisin outside/Pink5p interior piping Togo PHW

    Next purchase, Waiting to see what my store offers me or I will order a SO

    Secret dream bag, I dont think I have any ,I am very happy with the bags I have

  6. Cute thread!
    1. My first H bag was a B40 Tosca with PHW in Togo.
    2. Same
    3. My favorite B is my RT
    4. Turquoise K35
    5. K35 Sellier Chèvre in Rose Shocking with GHW with black interior.
  7. Great thread!
    First H bag: 32 Swift Biscuit retourne Kelly, GHW
    First Birkin: 35 Swift Bleu de Prusse, GHW
    First Kelly: Same as first H bag
    Favorite Birkin/Kelly: The next one
    Next purchase: Waiting for a special order
    Secret dream bag: Black Box Constance with diamond hardware
  8. What a fun thread!

    1) First H bag: All-leather Garden Party in Azur
    2) First B/K: A vintage (1993) Rouge Vif retourne Kelly 32 with GHW
    3) Favourite B/K: Well, I only have the one, so it's also the favorite for now!
    4) Next purchase: Looking for my next vintage Kelly in a gold/tan color to be an everyday bag.
    5) Secret dream bag: Oh, this is so hard! I'd love a Roulis. Also, I WISH Hermes would bring back the smaller (30) Garden Party with a shoulder strap.
  9. This is so nice!

    First Hermes bag: 32 Black rigid box calf
    First Birkin/Kelly : Same as above
    Favorite Birkin/Kelly: 35 Etruscan vintage alligator Kelly
    Next purchase: vintage pan or faco & my so to arrive
    Secret dream: another vintage alligator 35 kelly
  10. 1) First hermes bag - orange togo 35 Birkin
    2) First birkin/kelly - see above
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - see above
    4) Next purchase - birkin 30 with gold HW
    5) Secret dream bag - If miracle happens to my country's weather or I move to a warmer less raining place, I will get a matte croc B 30
  11. 1) First hermes bag-cafe lindy 30 (gone to new home)
    2) First birkin/kelly-orange ghw birkin 35 (gone to new home)
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly-Mykonos birkin 35 Phw
    4) Next purchase-box or barenia birkin, if find one!
    5) Secret dream bag-as in 4, or ostrich 30 birkin in any grey
  12. 1) Leather GP
    2) Don't like Bs/ Don't think K fits current lifestyle
    3) Cognac ostrich K GHW
    4) Not sure, not feeling the ❤ currently
    5) If I get over 4 it is 3 above!
  13. 1) First hermes bag - Black 35 Togo Birkin
    2) First birkin/kelly - as above
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - My SO Etoupe/Gris T 30 Birkin in Chevre.
    4) Next purchase - Hopefully something in Bamboo?
    5) Secret dream bag - I'd like a Croc Kelly Cut or Birkin some day when my money tree blooms.
  14. 1. Gold hac. No longer with me. Loved the contrast stitching
    2. Toile barenia birkin 35. Classic and wonderful. Still mine
    3. All of them. Does a mother love any of her children less?
    4. Hopefully etoupe 30, if the bag gods are with me
    5. Matte fauve birkin 25 or 30.. Sucker for contrast stitchIng
  15. 1) First hermes bag - Graphite Bolide 37
    2) First birkin/kelly - Ebene Kelly Retourne 32
    3) Your favourite birkin/kelly - Garden Party MM (of B or K, Kelly)
    4) Next purchase - Graphite or Black Croc Kelly Pouchette
    5) Secret dream bag - Graphite or Black Croc Kelly Pouchette