Hermes bag preference - Japan

  1. I will be going to Osaka Japan tomorrow for 4 days' shopping. I am planning to get a Kelly, or maybe a constance. I prefer getting a grey or black Kelly 28 cm. I think black is more universal, but grey is more young (I am 29). What colour is better for a shopping/everyday bag? I think both can match most outfit, esp winter outfit (which tends to be darker).

    I may opt for Ostrich Kelly 28cm depends on the price. Do you know how much an ostrich Kelly 28 costs? Also, do you think if it is possible to get a silver Constance?

    Heard that there are more Kelly in stock In japan than other Asian countries.
  2. I don't have grey so I am not sure, but i use my black box Kelly quite a bit. However, for everyday use, it is my chocolate togo Kelly that I find the most versatile and easiest to wear all the time in the winter.
    Good luck in Japan!
  3. Black or grey are both great colors for an all-around day bag. I think 28 cm is too small, unless you carry only a few things around in yoour bag. 32 is a better size. The Constance is a great bag, but holds only a comb, lipstick, card case and another small item. It's a better bag for a dressy occasion. So I'd go for a Kelly if you want a shopping/daytime bag.