Hermes bag preference - Japan

Jul 31, 2007
I will be going to Osaka Japan tomorrow for 4 days' shopping. I am planning to get a Kelly, or maybe a constance. I prefer getting a grey or black Kelly 28 cm. I think black is more universal, but grey is more young (I am 29). What colour is better for a shopping/everyday bag? I think both can match most outfit, esp winter outfit (which tends to be darker).

I may opt for Ostrich Kelly 28cm depends on the price. Do you know how much an ostrich Kelly 28 costs? Also, do you think if it is possible to get a silver Constance?

Heard that there are more Kelly in stock In japan than other Asian countries.


Sep 7, 2006
I don't have grey so I am not sure, but i use my black box Kelly quite a bit. However, for everyday use, it is my chocolate togo Kelly that I find the most versatile and easiest to wear all the time in the winter.
Good luck in Japan!


Aug 26, 2007
Black or grey are both great colors for an all-around day bag. I think 28 cm is too small, unless you carry only a few things around in yoour bag. 32 is a better size. The Constance is a great bag, but holds only a comb, lipstick, card case and another small item. It's a better bag for a dressy occasion. So I'd go for a Kelly if you want a shopping/daytime bag.