Hermes Bag Maintenence.

  1. Dear Fellowbag-deities,

    I finally have my second Birkin. And I would like to share my experiences with those who are willing to take the plunge and make the splurge.

    My first Birkin was a gold 40cm in Courchevel leather and gold hardware. While I loved the bag, there were faults that made itself apparent after not too long a period. I have listed them as follows:


    1. Very durable
    2. Hard leather does not flop when placed on the floor like the Taurillon and Clemence.


    1. The hard leather turns a lighter colour in the areas that are creased when the straps are tightened.
    2. This leather, when worn or deepely scratched/scuffed, can eventually show the naturally darker base colour beneath.
    3. Rather heavy.

    My newly-acquired Birkin is also a 40cm, coloured in Havane but this time, I am rather pleased. While it has the same properties(misgivings included) as the bag above, the grain is natural as I opted for Coromandel leather. Very hard goatskin but amazingly lined. They managed to line the skin over the goats spine across the middle of the bag - all the way around. And the bag is very surprisingly lighter.

    Coromandel is a slightly dearer material in the non-exotic leather range but I highly recommend it. The grain makes the bag look slightly old but it oozes character. The second best leather in my material, has to be Togo for it's wonderful grain with the perfect balance of 'souplesse' and durability. I wish to make another order for a Midnight blue birkin....does anyone own a Birkin or any other Hermes bag in that colour? I need to hear from any of you who have some experience with their leathers. And most importantly, does anyone know how to care for the leathers? I don't live anywhere near an Hermes Store unfortunately.

    Any help is much appreciated.....
    Photo 40.jpg Photo 47.jpg Photo 46.jpg Photo 45.jpg
  2. ^^^^^Chevre is one of those leathers, unfortunately, that should be taken into the store for maintenance, as per my SA. BTW, you can ship the bag in to your nearest shop.
  3. Assuming midnight blue is the same as Indigo...
    I have an indigo Birkin in Togo with palladium. I find it a versatile color, softer than black. The indigo color looks almost black inside. Outside it has a slight tinge of purple to the blue. I like the changing color, rather like a gem stone that looks different in different lights.
    Vert bronze is another Hermes color that changes with lighting conditions.
  4. what a terrifc post. thanks for all the information Eric.
    hermesgroupie, in your leather thread in the reference section, have you identified which leathers "need" to be maintained by a store? what do they do to maintain the chevre? does togo also need this? thanks!
  5. Congratulations Eric for new sac! Havane is one of my favourite colors with PH. It goes well with any color especially gray for Fall. Years ago I purchased a Phythagore wallet in Havane Evergrain. The aroma of the leather is just wonderful. Another product that smells good to use is John Lobb's shoe polish in Marron Fonce (05). You could probably use it to touch-up any leather item you have in dark brown. The smell of the polish is very pleasant. I also use it in my Prada leather messenger bag to touch-up the corners. I personally prefer dark brown than black. Have you checked out the watch straps Hermes has? The dark brown box looks great on either white metal or yellow gold watch. Our local H artisan made one for me and I alternate it with my Tank watches. This will go well with your new birkin. Enjoy!
  6. What an amazing Birkin! Chevre is my favorite Hermes skin for so many reasons.
  7. I, personally, would take them in once a year for a spa treatment, regardless of leather, because they do a much better job cleaning than I could ever do. My little at home treatments consist of cleaning and smoothing out fine scratches. But conditioning I leave to them because their little workshop is full of things I don't have access to, which you've seen yourself. Besides, I read somewhere that the wrong leather cleaner can, down the line, corrode the threads.
  8. i'm still too chicken to try the meltonian stuff (did i just goof that spelling?). if i come across it, i will definitely buy it, but it will take me a while to be brave enough to use it. i certainly trust/prefer hermes to take care of things.
  9. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. Much appreciated. Will be in Kuala Lumpur for work and some retail therapy with the Better Half. Though I doubt there will be Hermes on the list. The better half saw my new 3H charm and went very quiet. Sighs despondently..... There's a Victoria Cabas GM waiting there with my name on it,...or so I'd like to think. What's my excuse this time, for yet another bag?

    And no, sweethearts, there is no John Lobb in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is quite the shopping hell....though I can imagine being in worser scenarios. At least there's an H store.
  10. Eric Fam, I just noticed that you are in Penang! That is where DH and I went on our honeymoon! Absolutely lovely! Back to topic: Can you order John Lobb creme on the internet?
  11. my indigo 40cm fjord/togo? got scuffings on corners, i tried on bally shoe cream (transparent/neutral), and they're gone after polishing with dry cloth. it's amazing! but i tried it on my gold ardenne, it didn't work. i guess it's for dark colored leathers:rolleyes: