Hermes Bag in Hot Climate

  1. Since the members here come from all over the world, I have a question for those who live in hot and humid climates. When you go out and do NOT carry your Hermes bag, do you leave it at home with the A/C turned on?
  2. Kou, it is always hot and very humid by me. My Hermes does stay at home...we never turn the air conditioner off. It is usually on all year...full 12 months...we may not have it on one or two days when we get a breeze...that is a joke. BUT...if I go out, I may turn the thermostat up a bit higher. It still stays nice. I think the whole point is you want to keep out the humidity over long periods of time. You also don't want the bag to have constant heat or direct sun/heat. It is leather, so it can withstand some...just not lengthy periods. That would be like neglect. You can be arrested for that!!!!
  3. Oh crap ... That means if I move to Singapore in the future, I will have to leave my Hermes bags behind in the U.S.. My SO will NEVER leave the A/C on when there's no one home.
  4. Second that. Humidity is bad for the purses - can lead to mold. :shocked:

    And my SA is adament about keeping crocs out of direct sunlight, for whatever reason.

    Best talk to your SA about the A/C before you move there. Or maybe find a place of your own w/ an air-conditioned closet!:idea:
  5. Well there are some temporary solutions. If you know you're going to be out of town for a few weeks, you can leave your closet door open and put an open can of silica gel near your dust-protected bags to attract the moisture.

    The SAs in the S'pore Hermes can probably suggest other things too.
  6. Great tip, Coco!
  7. I think too much sunlight can make the "scales" lift? (they're not scales, but you know what I mean!)....which is funny, because crocs sit around in the sun all day long!
  8. I think you also have to find out if/how you condition the bags. I know someone who collects croc/alligator bags and she says she conditions them so they don't dry out. She actually brings them in for someone to do that for her. I don't know much about it though.
    It makes sense that if it is conditioned it won't dry out as easily or be damaged.

    Listen Kou, I don't think you have to go crazy about the A.C. We were with out air during the hurricane that hit nearly 2 weeks and my bag was fine. I really just think it would be bad for the bags after lengthy periods of time not just a day here or a week there. You know what I mean?
  9. Here's another thing to note: if you live in a place prone to mold or mildew, keep your valuables in an area where air circulates well - the back of a closet is a poor choice.

    And depending upon the construction of your house, you might find that near the floor or ceiling is not a good place either. For instance, if your house is built on a concrete slab (no basement), you're vulnerable to having moisture creeping up your walls on the first floor. If your storage area is near a bathroom, you will find steam rises to create mildew near the ceilings.
  10. Oy, so I should store my bags in a closet at eye level in the middle of the bedroom furthest from the bathroom on the second floor?..............Sorry, couldn't resist that.
  11. Let me help black box is in my walk in closet and it is next to my is 1/4 distance from the top of my ceiling...I have yet to have any problem.

    I can tell you that if you never rotate your bags and don't use them...they will get moldy in humid climates like happened to a real old LV I had...never used it...eventually the handles got a bit moldy...not food moldy...dusty light green mold.

    You can't epect to have them sit in boxes and dust bags for long periods of time (even with A.C.) and not have something happen to them.
  12. Were you able to get that mold off?
  13. ^ OMG, my SA told me that happened to one of their customers. Apparently she stored her bag in the closet and forgot about it. Supposedly her house is a vacation abode. Anyhow, due to some recent odd weather and such, I guess some white mold developed on the handbag. And it was stored in it's sleeper inside the bag. Poor baby... a forgotten soul.:cry:

    Suffice it to say, I got a quick lesson on humidity, proper care and storage of the lovely bags during my last boutique visit. :amuse:
  14. Heh. I meant so close to the bathroom that steam rolls into the closet. As a Realtor, I've seen some odd master suite arrangements.

    When I was a newlywed, my husband and I lived in absolutely the cutest fieldstone house in the woods of Tuxedo Park, New York. It was built on a slab, and twice a year I had to clean mildew off of the bottom ten inches of my dining room, guest room, and laundry walls. My lovely guitar which I kept on the floor of the front hall closet (and never played) still smells of mold 12 years later.
  15. OY, there's nothing to be done for that?