Hermes baby stuff

  1. So what to look for an hermes for a baby>? I'm expecting my first girl late Feb and I want to spoil her with some Hermes- what can I find? I'm planning on visiting the FSH store in a few days..
  2. Anything and everything. I love the baby booties. They have lots of blankets and a few clothing items. My only concern is that some of their items are cashmere. I'm always concerned about giving a baby cashmere since I don't want to create allergies later in life. But they do have a few linen and cotton items. There are also a few toys and rattles, and there's always Hermie, the stuffed horse mascot.
  3. I bought my best friend beautiful, seafoam green linen booties for her baby boy...they came in an embroidered pouch-really pretty.
  4. ooh..all sounds great... I had no idea you can dress babies in cashmere? im delivering end of feb and its going to be super cold:X
  5. check out they have a whole baby section
  6. My late husband bought our daughter pieces from the Hermes Circus china every year. I don't know if they still have that but it is so cute! She also has a pink and white Hermes blanket that we just put at the end of her bed. Maybe you should get her an Hermes piggy bank and start saving up for her first scarf-if she's like my daughter (who is 13) she is always stealing my twillys and trying to convince me that she would keep better track of her homework assignments if she had an Hermes agenda like mine-in fact, mine would be perfect.....:wtf::heart:
  7. I think it's adorable the baby stuff they have! It's not really *that* expensive either. ^_^
  8. I just visited a H store today, and I think they have more and more baby-stuff! Really cute, his and hers clothes, booties (saw really cute white ones!), blankets, toys and cotton nursery holdalls. Love the horse figure.