Hermes Baby Shower Reveal!!!!

  1. Our Hermes Mommies-To-Be are beginning to receive wonderful presents! C'mon ladies, show us what you got:nuts: :p

    Congratulations again to all of our expectant mommies- AuthenticLux, Moviegirl, Queenie, and Tammy D!!! We are all so happy for you!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  3. yeah time to shop! ready set go! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. YES shopping !!!! let's indulge these ladies
  5. Thanks everyone. I :heart: surprises. Can't wait to see what the reveals are.
  6. Can cookin birkin send over a baby shower cake ahead of the presents?

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  7. I received this today from our lovely MODS JAG & KELLYBAG!!! Thank you so much ladies for setting this up and for the gorgeous gift!! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful, caring and loving friends!

    Barefoot Buddy and Blanket!!!
    Shower gift from Jag & Kellybag 01.JPG Shower gift from Jag & Kellybag 02.JPG Shower gift from Jag & Kellybag.JPG
  8. Great gift. Oh sooo cute!
  9. I also received the most adorable ballerina shoes from Hermesgroupie!!! These are just about the CUTEST things I have ever seen!!! You are WAY too sweet & generous!!!!*MANY HUGS & KISSES TO YOU, HG!!!*:tender::tender:
    Shower gift from HG.JPG Shower gift from HG 01.JPG
  10. Great choice HG! These are really cute. Moviegirl jr, you're so lucky to have such cool aunites.
  11. LTC, can I adopt Cooking Birkin for a few weeks?:p
  12. I'm so glad you like them. Like I said in the card, I see them being worn by a beautiful little girl with dreams of being a ballerina. And I KNOW she'll just be the most beautiful bunndle of joy!!!!
  13. Love the sweet things!!! We adore you Moviegirl!
  14. cute presents, Moviegirl! oh how i wish i'll have a baby girl next time.....
  15. Congrats Ladies!!

    What wonderful gifts you have received Moviegirl!! Those little shoes are adorable.