Hermès AW19/20 RTW and Accessories

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  2. Superrrrr excited for this collection!
  3. Lots of boring black leather, many 70's tightly fitting, chunky-heeled knee-high boots, one pair of leather shorts ("hot pants") worn with sheer dark hose, very few scarf prints, and tons of KNICKERS. The last time knickers were an item was when Nancy Reagan wore them to some fashion show in France. The only thing I liked was the below the knee (but nice looking) skirts

    INHO, the show was a yawn. Who designed it?
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  4. Sharing screenshots I took off Hermès' Stories on Instagram few days ago for the FW19 runway presentation.
    Screenshot_20190227-200729_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190227-200813_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190227-200831_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20190227-200924_Instagram.jpg
  5. Presuming Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski
  6. New bag. Pic via H Instagram.
  7. I loved the classics: long leather skirts and the silk blouses. I can't pull off the short shorts but the models looked good.
  8. Thanks, you are correct.
  9. I thought this was one of her best collections yet!! Everything was so beautiful!
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  10. Attached Files:

  11. Was just telling a friend that I love the medor buttons! :giggle:
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  12. hahaha when the designer has the best look out of all the models:lol:
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  13. Ugly clumpy footwear
    and not much better above the ankle either.

    I suppose a collection of beautiful stylish clothes would be considered boring.
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  14. Loved the collection. So wearable. I love Balmain as well but so much of the clothes is not wearable in my non IG life. But Hermes is not like that. Very luxe and expensive but totally wearable!
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