Hermes Australia Sale

  1. SALE
    Hermès wishes to notify you
    of the forthcoming seasonal sale

    Thursday February 7 - Thursday February 14
    135 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW.
    02 9287 3200

    Monday March 3 - Wednesday March 12
    (excluding Sunday and Monday)

    115-119 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC.
    03 9654 5571

    Surfers Paradise
    Saturday March 22 - Saturday March 29
    9-11 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD.
    07 5538 4388
  2. Come one, come all :yes:
  3. OMG!!

    I'm gonna drag DH to take me there on Thurs
  4. What sort of items will be in the sale?
  5. Now.. to my understanding, it is only ready-to-wear, select seasonal scarves/accessories and 'lasts' (items in glass cabinets) that are marked down - not leather items (or at least the 'big' items: agendas, jewelry, watches, fragrances.. and certainly not all-leather bags)
    Did anybody visit an Hermes store during their last seasonal sale(s)? Maybe someone can fill us in..

    I'll be there Thursday morning and Lunch - with a pair of trousers and a tie at the top of my list :heart:
  6. Yes, last sale last year they had some clothes, shoes in the one corner of the shop marked about 30% to 50% off.
  7. I wasn't able to make the last RTW sale since i was studying for the HSC, but my SA called mer earlier to tell me what was available. As per usual it was mainly RTW, but i distinctly remember him mentioning gloves and cashmere scarfs. So if your not into RTW there still are some other H items scattered through the mix.

    The VIP sale starts tomorrow (i didnt get an invite) is anyone here going? I want to visit the H store as per normal but i dont know if i can get in if i dont have an invite. Well no biggie, i need to save my money for diamonds!
  8. ^ lilli pilli, do you acctually live at lilli pilli? haha you would be quite close to me then.
  9. NM what diamonds??!! Will silk 90cm scarves be included in this sale?
  10. ^ i thinking of getting some really simple stuff for everyday wear, but boy are diamonds pricey down here haha!

    there should be a few 90cm scarfs on sale. did you end up gettign the pink BDG scarf? it could possibly be on sale. Naughty me still hasnt taken mine to the dry cleaners.

    BTW on a really random note has anyone noticed how tight the weave of the scarf silk is? Its dam tight! haha i was felling my scarf the other day, ive used silks before in making things and have never come across such tight weaves!
  11. No I didn't get it. I have a pale blue V-neck sweater that really needs something to fill in the V so I was going to go in and look for a pale blue and brown scarf.

    I know diamonds are expensive here and many are mined locally so you'd think they'd be cheaper!
  12. If its still there you NEED to get it! it was perfect for you! i know they are quite pricey but bite your lip and charge it haha! I dont know if the price increase has happened down here yet, but if it hasn't that an enough of an excuse right? Hopefully it will be on sale!
  13. LOL, no, it was perfect for that one top...that doesn't need a scarf! But my blue top does!

    You see how good I am at talking myself out of stuff? *sigh* too much practice at it...:crybaby::p

    I think I will go to this sale though just to have a look.
  14. The perfect time to have a sale - when I come back from overseas with no money. :sad:
  15. Def. go and check it out, do you want to go together? i can talk you back 'into' stuff haha!