Hermes Atlanta

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  1. For any of the ladies here that shop at the Atlanta boutique, my SA told me yesterday that because sales have increased so much they will be getting a lot more inventory in. As a result, next year they are moving further down the hall away from Neimans and getting a bigger store. :biggrin: I am very excited about this, more bags and scarves for us. YEA!!!!:nuts:
  2. That's great news! That's where I bought my kelly. I love the Atlanta store!

  3. Thanks!!!

    I want to go in on tomorrow and get a scarf.
  4. Great for all you ladies!
  5. Wow.. That's great news for me!!

    Btw, who's your SA in Atlanta?
  6. That is good to know! I have been in there a few times but so much of their stock is hidden that you really don't know what is available. I wonder how large the new NM store is going to be?? They are moving a lot of stores with the construction. I can't wait to see it when they are finished!!
  7. My SA told me that too. I wish they would move over to Phipps.
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