Hermes Atlanta is moving so they sent me a hard hat...

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  1. say that they're still open. It's a REAL hard hat!!!!!!!! It's orange, and it says "Hermes Atlanta" on the front. I was confused when I got something from "Hermes Communications" in a larger Fed Ex box, but I sure didn't expect that.

    BRAVO to Hermes for some real imagination on letting customers know about the move. I was expecting a nice little card or letter, but this is better. :tup:
  2. That is sooooo cool!!
  3. When does the big move start? Did they indicate if they will be closed during the move?
  4. WOW! That is sooo cool. You must be a VIP there.
  5. looks like they're inviting you to a moving party, or to help them move
  6. Congrats, that's a great gift!
  7. Where are they moving to?!?!? Another mall? To a standalone store? Or somewhere still in Lenox?
  8. How cute - any chance of a photo?:yes:
  9. How fun! :smile: Would love to see a pic of it :heart:

  10. They are moving to a stand alone store in Buckhead. I think on Peachtree...
  11. How fun!! Please post a pic when you get the chance
  12. I think its a lovely touch! I remember someone else got a hard hat from H, I cannot remember who it was, it put a smile on my face!
  13. Now, that is a collector's item!
  14. You're correct, meghan. They'll be in a new luxury destination mall in Buckhead eventually - probably this time next year. They go into temporary quarters in Buckhead until then. Their last selling day in the Lenox Square location was this past Saturday. They're packing up, will move everything to a warehouse location, and then the workmen will come in and remove the fixtures and as much of the paneling as possible for a re-install in the temporary space. They should re-open for business around February 10 -12 and will hold their winter sale the third week of February.

    Can't wait to get my hard hat, but since they're sending them via FedEx, I'll have to call the big F. and have it re-delivered to my office address, but the inconvenience will be worth it, as an orange Hermes hard hat will be a fun souvenir. (Wonder if an Hermes scarf would look nice tied around it!)

    I saw the design for the new store, which looks spectacular, and it will be almost twice the size of the Lenox store and will have two floors. Oh, boy! But, uh, uh, many new temptations, though!
  15. LOL COngratulations! Now you can help them move!:P
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Not open for further replies.