Hermes ATL

  1. Well, I am back from GA. And of course I had to stop in at Hermes to look around. They had a nice trim bag in the blue jean color. They had two kellys. For some reason with the lighting I could not get a good handle on the colors. I think one of the kellys was a really dark brown or black. And the other was a grayish brown color I had never seen before. I think they were 32's. There was a gorgeous 40cm blue crocodile kelly in the window of the store. It retails for $26,100. Susie was going to let me look at it but I declined. The bag is just entirely too big and I'm not entirely sold on crocodile. Of course they had some garden party bags and I think I remember seeing one black bolide in box.

    At any rate, I ended up buying only a scarf that was a limited edition. it is bright green with zebras on it.
    All in all I had a great always!!!
  2. Wow, croc. Kelly!!! But 40 cm is WAY TOO BIG, especially in croc... oh, well... Thanks for the update!
  3. Glad to hear you had fun. Do post pics of the scarf when you get the chance. We'd love to share in your enjoyment.
  4. Wow! They Had Some Beautiful Pieces!!! :smile: Your Scarf Sounds Beautiful!
  5. Yeah it looked like a briefcase to be honest. I will post pics later on.
  6. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. Congrats on your fabulous scarf!
  7. nathansgirl, I am beginning to think you are someone to hang out with. You travel well and seem to have fun doing so!

    Thank you for sharing.
  8. I do indeed love to travel. i hate staying still really and so I get in as much travelling as possible. I will post pics of my scarf this afternoon. I'm in a lazy mood today.
  9. Please post and share your new scarf!
  10. Here is the scarf ladies!
    hermes zebra scarf.JPG
  11. Oooh that is so cute!! Love it - would look adorable on a vert anis something lol!!