Hermes Athens... stock-wise?

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  1. Taking the petpringles family for a Greek Isles cruise next month and have 3 days to hang out in Athens before boarding our cruise ship...stock-wise: anything "good"; has anyone visited it lately?
  2. :sunnies:beach: vacation~~ yeah~~ fun fun! Hope Mrs.PP finds lots of goodies! have a safe and delightful trip Mr. PP!!
  3. Hi PP! I go to Athens quite often and usually there are no birkins to be found anywhere :tumbleweed: but the inventory is usually very good for other bags, cashmere shawls, and ready-to-wear. Don't forget to visit the small shop at the airport (before passports and security) if you have time, the sales assistants are adorable and the stock is quite good for such a small spot.
  4. Thanks boo...yup another adventure for the petpringles family! Thanks for your well wishes!

    LilttleH...will do...keep an eye out for a nice souvenir for mrs. pp!
  5. DH and I were there last year for 2 stock of birkins...1 kelly was avail..lots of scarfs and cashmere..

    greece is one of the most beautoful places to will have a great time..

    santorini and die for:smile:

    athens- visit the acropolis and the new acropolis museum...also there is this hill you go up with a cable car.....stunning view of athens... i think its called lycabattus hill or soemthing like that.

    make sure u have lunch desset coffee at ZONARS cafe...its amazing..

    last but not least, call now and make reservations to dine @ VILLA MERCEDES rest/club. its amazing. go late at 10 for dinner and at 11 the whole atmosphere changes..... you will love it.

    have fun!
  6. Thanks for the info..we're excited! Haven't been there for at least a decade and it's my first time with the family there! Was hoping for landing a nice surprise for mrs. pp at Hermes there! We have 3 nights at the Royal Olympic Hotel near the Plaka before the cruise. will do Zonars and Villa Mercedes...have heard them both from friends! Cheers!
  7. Have a fabulous time!!! My family and I are from Greece and are there for at least 3 months every summer! Was at Hermes this past summer and there were no Birkins, but there was plenty of pretty much everything else!
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    Love Greece! My first encounter was taking the ferry from Brindisi (Italy) to the island of Corfu with my backpack...thanks to Eurail Passes for students (I was 17 then and really got to know the locals and Ouzo!) ...have returned since then with different levels of maturity on my with the family: a bit more subdued and will be done in a classy private way this time as Mrs. PP prefers! I know that she would prefer a nice H souvenir than a T shirt that fades! I am so happy to introduce my teenagers to the grand and great history of Greece! Doubt if Mrs. PP is taking any Birkins on this trip...she'll perhaps take her LV this time. We decided to stay at the ROyal Olympic than the Grande Bretagne for its closeness to the Plaka.
  9. Hi PP, I'm in Athens for the day today and decided to check out the inventory for you!
    Sadly no birkins, but loads of other goodies:
    SO kelly small gris T
    Kelly wallet mat croc ciel
    Kelly wallet ombre lizard
    Lindy 30 gold (3650 euros) clemence
    Travel lindy alezan (5200 euros) clemence
    Travel hac alezan phw
    Lindy 34 etoupe
    Tigre shawl in brown
    White lindy 30
    Abysse SO kelly small
    Prune swift SO kelly big
    Small bolide orange
    Small picotin orange
    Small picotin abysse
    Abysse GM3 evelyne
    Big constance black box with phw
    White epsom cdc ghw
  10. Thanks LittleH! We will definitely stop by the shop to kill our curiosity! Perhaps just a small souvenir for mrs. pp will keep her happy! Thanks for the wonderful inventory list...should we be asking for anyone in particular? Thanks!

  11. Hello everyone! Greece and the Aegean Isle and Turkey in less than 9 days....Yipeee! Any news for anything exciting at the H store there? Looking for a nice souvenir for Mrs. PP, hope we find something to remember our trip by. TIA!
  12. Hey PPP,
    hope you and the family had a great time in Greece. Loved staying at the Grand Bretagne and eating moussaka!
    Sorry you missed our conference, it was great, I was in charge of the Green Room and the SG! She was just wonderful, lovely lady!
    Hope you and Frau PPP can come to our July conference here in DC!
    Will be going to my lovely Wien in May/June and wish you both could join me for a Sacher Torte.
    Went to the Demels in NYC and was not impressed wth it, not as good as the original.
    best regards to you and your family
    susan von