Hermes at the Grammys

  1. Did anyone see the Chevrolet commercial with Mary J Blige last night during the Grammys???

    She comes out singing about buying a Chevrolet ....carrying a huge black Birkin....then she gets into a black Chevy Suburban and drives off....

    I'm thinking ....the Birkin I believe....
    her in a Chevy....I'm not buying that....

    maybe I'm wrong....I see her more as the Bentley type...
  2. Sure it was a Birkin...?
  3. :hysteric: This whole "Birkin" thing is making me :throwup: .
    I wish the Birkin wasn't so "out there" if you KWIM.
    I really don't want people staring at my bag wanting to swipe it.
  4. For us BIRKINLESS members we don't have those big worries!!!
  5. It doesn't look like a Birkin to me.
  6. ^^ I told my friend that last night. Thank you for the confirmation. I didn't want to say LV and look like an idiot:shame:
  7. Nothing wrong with a Chevy....AND a Birkin......
  8. I caught the same thing...during the first iteration of the commercial, I thought it was a birkin, then after the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th showing of the commercial realized it wasn't a birkin, but something awfully as expensive (didn't peg it as an LV though)

    Chevy + Birkins? No problem....esp. when you do Target + Birkin, etc....

    What did Moschino call it? Cheap and Chic?
  9. that damn LV thing is 16000!!!!! OMG!!!
  10. the LV bag doesn't do it for me. it looks as bad as a fake Birkin. And i'm not an LV hater in the slightest, i love many LV things, but is it just me or does that bag look as bad as a bad fake??
  11. Croissant, I don't hate LV either, but...:throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
    I can think of 16,500 other things to do with that money!
  12. That is alot of money.
  13. I suppose we all have our addictions, and my LV friends are just as bad as my Hermes friends, but whoa - that's more $$$ than I'm used to seeing for LV!! :wtf:
  14. 16,000 for that bag? eh, no thanks ;)

    and chevy subarbans are really expensive. not as out there as an escalade but still...they can run up there in price :p