Hermes at Richard's in Greenwich, CT

  1. Has anyone been to this Hermes boutique? I'm thinking about going there today and wanted to know if there is a particular SA to ask for. Also, does anyone know what kind of inventory they have?
  2. I think User shops there sometimes. You may want to PM her.
  3. Thanks, Japster.:P
  4. I'm curious about this, too. Do the bags cost more?
  5. why will it cost more?
  6. hi, I go there maybe once a month, ...prices are the the same but the leather selection is tiny!, nice scarves, nice SA's, some household stuff. :flowers: never kelly or birkins:Push:
  7. BUMMER!!! That is how I feel about Hermes in Palm Beach...not much there to want to make the trip...I mean throw me a bone sometimes!!!
  8. ^^ Lol
  9. Thanks for the feedback, Avandome. I guess I'm better off going to Manhattan.:rolleyes:
  10. Oh, I'm not familiar with this store - I thought it was more of a resale place. :smile:
  11. Has anyone bought any kind of bag from this location?
  12. I also heard that they don't even have a Kelly most of time! Even Kellys are all spoken for!!!
  13. Do they have Bolides?
  14. absolutely! let us know you see!:flowers:
  15. actually, I have seen maybe 2-3x and a evelyne once. the most frequent sighting: garden party in different colors:flowers: