Hermes at Marshalls!!???!!!

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  1. So I was visiting a friend who works at Marshalls the other day and while she was putting sensors on a handbag (she works in customer service), I asked what brand it was because the style looks familiar. She brought it over to me ans showed me the brand. Wow! An Hermes for $59.99!! She said it was a return. I told her right there and then that it was a fake and they've been had! I went on and on about how hard it is to even get one (it was a small "Birkin") and how expensive it is. She was dumbfounded! It wasn't really her who took it back but she admitted that she has no idea of some of the brands that she also most likely would have taken it back! Unbelievable!
  2. I was a horrible fake Fendi at Marshalls last week. It was a blatant rip off (made from some horrible croc embossed fux leather) with fendi lining and a funky fendi tag on it. I was shocked that they would even carry such a blatant rip-off.
  3. omg id have a heart attack n try to see if theyre fake or not for like 1 hr lol
  4. :lol: wow, if it really was an Hermes thats crazy!
  5. Ha Ha! It isn't even April Fools yet!
  6. How I would love to buy Hermes bags at Marshalls prices.
  7. LOL! The most high end designer item I ever saw at Marshalls was a Cole-Hahn leather jacket and I bought it. Hermes at Marshalls? I'd be there in less than a hot minute!!!!!