Hermes at Heathrow Terminal 4

  1. Hi - can anybody help a newbie? My husband is flying in to Heathrow and I asked him to pick up a scarf for me at Hermes. Has anybody been there recently - and do you recall what scarves you saw? I am particularly interested in mousselines for summer. Thanks!
  2. I went recently whilst waiting for a flight to America. I am not a scarf fan really, so was more interested in other items, but I did think the stock was overall very small and the single assistant pretty clueless - she knew almost nothing at all about anything I asked. . .I think your husband would have to be very sure of what you were interested in because he may not be able to guarantee help from the assistant! Perhaps a call to them in advance of his flight might inform?
  3. Thanks Miss Sooky - it's good to know there is only a small selection -- so I won't expect too much. I did arm DH with a list of names and photos gleaned from the web and TPF, (thanks to all of you) so perhaps that will help.