Hermés at Doyle New York auction

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am not a Hermés girl at all (could never afford one!) but i stumbled across this auction at work at thought you all might want to take a look, especially those of you in NY. It wont let me copy the link directly but if you click on "catalogues" and choose the "16 Nov 2006" auction and search the catalogue with lots 1460 to end you will find some great things. Enjoy!!:yes:

  2. thanks, ricky.

    should be interesting to see what happens at this auction -- i think they've set rather high estimates.
  3. DQ...I can't see any pics in the Doyle Catalogue...can you????
  4. no, they're not up yet -- but if you click on the little swirly where the picture will be it will take you to a description.
  5. yuck i dont want anything from kim basinger:throwup:
  6. Ooooh thanks. Can't wait to see some pictures esp. the crocs.
  7. thanks for the heads up--some very nice bags. Does anyone know if you can go to Doyle's and actually see the goodies?
  8. at auctions like that there are usually a couple preview days. i bet it would be really fun to just go and look at everything.
  9. The prices for some of their items are just crazy. Also I am dubious about some of the measurements they provide (30 cm Kelly, 35 cm Bolide....)....
  10. Is this worth it? With the auction tax added and what's with their shipping policy?
  11. I think not. But their auctions on ebay are much much MUCH cheaper.
  12. Has anyone ever been a winner of one of their auctions? Do they all go up close to retail? (I know I'm dreaming, but it never hurts)...;)
  13. What does one do about the fact that they say they don't ship directly?