Hermes at Bluefly

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  1. thanks for the post!!
  2. wow! thanks for sharing!
  3. lovely scarfs.
  4. Is it odd that they would have a actual Birkin for sale? I thought they were more exclusive than that..?
  5. [​IMG]

    ^^ that birkin is gorgeous on the email but they don't have it on sale on their site....

    and fyi, hermes has been on the bluefly site for a while...just not this many products at one time.
  6. Did anyone actually see the Birkin come up on Bluefly? If so, how much was it? That would be freakish if you could really buy a Birkin from Bluefly!!!
  7. Wow- it was there when I posted- that's why I was asking. I should have linked it, sorry. I hadn't even seen it in the ad, because I don't usually display the pictures in my email. It was about $5,800.
  8. this exact red birkin was up on bluefly this morning???????? ahhh no way!!!!!!!!
  9. not that exact one but this one [​IMG]
  10. The one I saw was definitely the red leather one that's in the ad they sent out. I used the "more pictures" option to get a close look at the leather. And it was there when I posted at 12:45, right after lunch. But it was apparently gone within 20 minutes of my posting.
  11. ^^ wow that's amazing that such a birkin would not only be available, but with a discount on a discount site.

    btw, this bag is :drool::drool::drool:
  12. The red Birkin was showing up when I looked but as unavailable, so someone must have snapped it up. I couldn't even believe it!
  13. a birkin:nuts: on bluefly:nuts: w/a 10% discount?!:nuts:

  14. Yes, I saw 2 weekend birkins this morning as well. couldn't beieve my eyes!!!
    The first birkin someone already posted pic above and the other one is redish orange colour leather birkin. The redish orange colour was gone in less than 5 mins.:wtf: