Hermes at Americana Manhasset

  1. I think Baggs mentioned she bought one of her Birkins at the Hermes at Americana Manhasset in Long Island. Has anyone else had any luck getting a Birkin or Bolide at this location? I've been to this store on one occasion looking for a particular enamel bracelet, which they did not have so I bought it somewhere else. I also got a scarf at this location. The only bags I saw on display were garden parties. I'm wondering if it's possible to get a Bolide or a Birkin.:tender:
  2. Yes it is possible, you have to drive them nuts though because they will sleep.

    I stopped shopping there because they are not linked to Hermes they are independent. So none of your purchases there can make a difference.
  3. My advice is to avoid this store.
  4. Thanks, Bagg. I'll just go into the city. I'm also going to Vegas in September. I'll visit the store there too. That's where I landed my Kelly.
  5. its that bad?
  6. How are they independent? Can you explain that a little more?
  7. what?
  8. is what bad?
  9. You girls are funny,... I suppose it's bad because it does not count toward your hermes purchase record, but it can be good if your local store keeps a strict one bag per year record! and yes, you can find bolides, but it is unlikely you will "walk in" on a birkin!
  10. This store has a wait list of 2 or more years for a bag, in order to get a bag you have to cut throught basically.

    When you purchase something at this store it is not linked to Hermes worldwide because they are not owned by the Hermes company, they are independantly owned. It just reeks because let's say if you go into the Madison ave store to by something your not on their database, if there is a bag in California they won't know who you are because they won't be able to find you in their system!

    They never have bags in, MAYBE 1 Evelin or a Gardenparty, they have a tini-tiny selection, they don't even carry many small leather goods, they are only good for scarfs. To get a Birkin you have to kiss so much :censor:
  11. lol, Avan, they've had that BJ Bolide there for months!!!!
  12. i don't understand how the Manhasset store is independent. they're listed on the hermes website. this would suck if they weren't registered b/c it's the closest one to me!
  13. Some stores are independently owned by the store they are Neiman Marcus, the shops in CT, etc. & in many malls, and in those boutiques the computer records are independent.
  14. Where are you?
  15. Bagg - I'm in the northern LI region.