Hermes Asia stores - hows it going?

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  1. i read that most H stores have reopened in Asia. That’s so nice - we are closwd down here in UsA. I miss those shopping trips :sad:. Got a text from my SA sending greetings, which was sweet.

    For those stores open now in asia, how is the experience? Are customers coming back? Are you getting any quota bags? Can I live vicariously through your shopping :lol::heart:.
  2. Yes they are still open in Hong Kong with earlier closing hours... It's been great cuz the shopping momentum is low so much easier to bump into lindys, picotins or roulis these days... :smile:
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  3. Not in Kuala Lumpur - both stores closed for now. Singapore stores are open still with limited operating hours?
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  4. Singapore stores are still open but with shorter hours. There’s less inventory as well.
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