Hermes as the Ultimate Appeal?

  1. The reason I am starting this thread is about I find myself suddenly confused... I remember 4 years ago I was the girl who enjoyed bags from handbag stores in shopping centres (especially Guess handbags) haha....
    Then 3 years ago I realized those were terrible and had all my hopes in LV (bought many items) and eventually felt they were nothing extraordinary....
    Then about 2 years ago I got my first Chanel and thought that was the greatest thing alive (bought many flap bags) and guess what?

    Well after reading and seeing all your insights about Hermes, the philosophy behind H and its customers, all the beautiful colors and choices to make the bag personal... I have found that to be the greatest of them all :yahoo:

    I still share a strong love for Chanel as its very ladylike But I am so influenced by you guys that I've decided to clear many of my LVs and put them all in a Hermes fund :yes:

    So my question is there anything beyond H in terms of handbags and leather goods that I should be aware of? (My boyfriend asked me "what bag are you going to buy when your 30 if your going to get a Kelly at the age of 22?" Of course I told him exotic H bags haha) *Oh in case I wasn't clear I've ordered a Kelly its not in my hands as of now hehe* I will be picking up a tiny tiny H item tomorrow! Yay

    My final question is - How many years have most you ladies been collecting H items for? I need to know if this will keep my bag obsession occupied for at least 10 years (Thanks so much and sorry for the long post! ) Cheers everyone! :flowers:
  2. I can't think of a one! Hermes is the best. Handmade, exquisite, rare as heck, perfect skins, sometimes custom, steeped in tradition, able to be refurbished, extremely high resale value...what could be better than that? hehe

    BTW, my handbag evolution is very much like yours. I'm an Hermes girl for good, now.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, I fell in love with the Kelly when I was about 18 and got one when I was 23, I'll be 50 next, you do the maths!!!;) LOL!
  4. All roads (in tPF) eventually lead to Hermes..........

    I still enjoy all my Chanel bags and I don't think I will ever let go off my reissues etc but I don't buy any other designers.
  5. It's a common theme Yorelica! I fell in love with the Kelly at age 12 but it wasn't until I was in my late 20s that I received my first H bag. During that time and in between H bags I was on the "it" bag bandwagon when it finally dawned on me how much I was spending on the bags du jour when I should have just been thinking like you are now---putting it all away into the H fund! So with a few exceptions like my Chanels and a few Balenciagas, I've parted with almost all of the "others." I can't think of anything beyond Hermes at this point--to me it is the end all and be all of handbags. God help me (and DH) if something else comes up that exceeds H's quality and craftsmanship!
  6. greentea: hehe good so the evolution will reach its finale :smile: Thankyou!!!

    duna: ooh that is WONDERFUL TO KNOW (some 20 so years woo hoo Im set for life :P)

    Rose: glad we can love both Hermes and Chanel because I can't get over those lovely chain straps either!
  7. I went through the same thing and now I am waiting for my first birkin to come.
  8. I'm not so sure it's a matter of how long or time, but when it HITS you, you're kind of done lol!! I had 2 H bags about 10 yrs. ago .... and in between played with a lot of IT bags.....and just came back around in the last 6 mos. I still have a couple of other bags, for 'other' reasons such as bad weather, etc., but am only looking to acquire a few bags that I truly love...
  9. I think it's a totally normal progression - LOL, my DH is worried about this too! I just turned 29, and DH is wondering what I'll be looking at when i'm 50 if we're already buying Hermes - I tell him that it would be great to have a Croc with diamonds when I'm 50 :graucho: ... he wasn't too happy with that!!

    To be honest though, I don't think I'll ever want JUST Hermes... I love Chanel for the reasons you do, and think the design team there is just so fresh/creative - such a different look than H...

    I consider the Birkin ultimate "status" bag, but I still plan to continue to keep/buy my other classics like the flap, the Bottega Veneta woven hobo, and just some plain fun Chanels and Bbags! I love variety, and while I appreciate the workmanship/quality of an Hermes, I like the freshness of other lines as well.

    I totally agree about LV - I still like LV, but not as into it anymore and haven't bought a new one for a couple of years now.
  10. Well I just received my first Hermes Kelly last week. I love Hermes now too much . I am waiting for my Birkin and plan on purchasing more of them in the future, as well as a bunch of Kelly's! However, I will always LOVE LV:love: , always purchase the limited edition bags that I love and will never stop wearing LV clothes ,shoes belts etc... I will continue with Bottega Vaneta and Chanel too or whatever trendy bag crosses my way.:lol: I think that if you look at your bags as an investment, Hermes is the way to go. My Hermes Kelly is superior to most of my collection in quality, but I still love my less expensive choices. I cannot look at my bags as an investment because I can't seem to let go/sell any of them, even if I try thinking about letting my paddington's go ,I have a rough time, so I feel like I am fooling myself into thinking these bags are investments:lol: I am so excited to focus on Hermes now. I think it will be the year of Hermes for me!:lol:
  11. There was a neat thread the other day about how people fell in love with Hermes - I highly recommend it if you haven't run across it, Yorelica! Also, I just LOVE your avitar! Is that a little doggy birthday party in that picture?

  12. I just turned 29 also & pretty much have had the same experience! I LOVE all of my Vintage LV (especially the luggage:graucho: ), but ever since I got my first Kelly about two weeks ago...and then my first HAC Birkin (uummmm) LAST WEEK!...I am just not able to look at my "others"....I have been selling off the bags that don't mean anything to me..(I have kept all the bags my DH bought me...or that my grandma or mom gave me...) but, the rest...NOTHING compares to my my new Hermes babies!!!

    I actually walked into one of my favorite Department stores yesterday (for the first time!) with my HAC and the manager (we are close) actually got teary eyed b/c it was the most beautiful thing she has EVER seen!! I can't tell you how many people asked me where, how, when, etc...and that I can't reveal my sources!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, I LOVE them & they are both perfect! I am set for a good, long time DH is SO happy (He bought them both for me)! However...what he doesn't know...:graucho: :graucho: is that now I want the H Horse Blankets & Bridles etc!:lol: :upsidedown: It never ends....hehe

  13. for the last 3 years, i've just been focusing on H and it's goods. in rare occassions i get sidetracked by of-the-moment-IT-bags like the chloe paddington, goyard, balenciagas.

    but i still go back and long for my birkin/kelly acquisition that just gives me an all time high unparalled by nothing else (except maybe diamonds). i still go to chanel for their jackets and manolos for their shoes but combining all these goodies with an H bag, is just the ultimate!

    so, to answer your question - there shouldn't be anything beyond Hermes bags at the top of the rank.
  14. I just started collecting handbags last year. It started with a Chanel tote bag for my 48th bday last year and accessories. This year I went a little nuts and bought 1 more Chanel and 4 LV bags and 3 Chanel sunnies. I slowly wandered into the Hermes forum just to casually read the threads and fell in love all over again with the Kelly. A few years ago I watched the movie "Le Divorce" and went gaga over the red Kelly. Upon learning of the big hefty price tag of the red Kelly bag, my dreams died with it:crybaby: Last June, I found the purse forum when searching for handbags. I was instantly hooked and have been here since. I have since decided that I will stop collecting Chanel and LV bags. I too have thought about selling my Chanel and LV's but I doubt if I could get my money's worth plus they're all pretty much new. I love the small collection I have and since they're all different styles and colors, I've decided to keep all of them. I also have a dd that loves all the bags and I can always just give it to her later on. I love the Kelly bag and have decided that it will be my first bag. I just love, love the style and can't wait till I find the right bag. I'm slowly talking to dh about it and convinced him to take me to Hermes today to look at some bags. Just to look, I told him, hehehe.
  15. Orchids: Such a relief to know this is it :smile:

    Shoes: good to know once it HITS - im DONE :smile:

    tweetie : heh I think we're on the same page :P

    Jen: yup i read the thread its SOOOOO LOVELY ! *heart*

    Cyxvr, Star, pazt, chanel : thankyou for the confirmation - you gals are awesome...