Hermes as panacea

  1. sorry for the ultra greek subject title.;)
    been gone a long time and whoa, so many new people.
    i'll just jump right in -
    hermes gives you an undeniable happy glow: for some, that's when you buy something, for others, it's every time you carry something H, and for others, it's just from going into the store. sometimes we turn to H because we need an item, and sometimes we turn to H because we just want that happy feeling.
    recently i was hit hard with jet lag and hermes was my "happy place" :p i went to when i couldn't fall asleep. if you've got to lie there with insomnia, at least be having happy thoughts, right?!
    anyway, 9 times out of 10, when i started thinking about H, i would fall asleep.:yes:
    anyone else use H in any way as a panacea?
  2. Yep - sure do Heely - just as you do. If I can't get to sleep I do a little H wardrobe planning - SO contemplating etc.

    Works like a charm AND I have Happy dreams :sleepy:
  3. HH, welcome back!

    I think for many of us, hard core H addicts/fans ... Hermes is in every part of our lives, physically as well as 'spiritually'. It's not meant to come across as blasphemous, so pardon me. The intent is not to offend.

    I think about Hermes all day long. Which is not a healthy thing. I think of Hermes for myself, family and friends. Whenever I have to gift someone a pressie, I think Hermes first.

    Hermes is my panacea for saddness and emptiness. To which a visit to the store makes me all cheery again. And of course, poorer as well.

    On a larger scale of things, Hermes means the abundance of love and friendships. Hermes is a sure-cure to lift up one's moods.
  4. When confusion reigns at work and I am in danger of being swamped I take a walk to the local shop to clear my head. The simplicity of the lines of the goods & the disciplined presentation in the shop acts as a sort of meditation for me. I calm down and focus on essentials - I'm sure it doesn't make me a better person but it does, I swear, allow me to work better - if only for a couple of hours.
  5. oh boy, reading these few first responses.... great minds do think alike. i can relate to everything you've all written!
    mrssparkles - all day long - that's me too. the great thing is, i'm never bored. long train ride, no problem. long line, no problem. :smile:
  6. I have a piece of paper in my nighttable listing several bags I'd like to acquire someday. Sometimes I'll just sit in bed before going to sleep, and will stare at the list, tweak it a little, cross things out, add things...and somehow this is comforting...
  7. That's a great idea! I'm a champion sleeper ( :sleepy: < that's usually me and DH is right next to me laughing at the drool) but for the first time ever, about 3 months ago I started having trouble falling asleep. It went away, came back, and went away again. But I think I'll have to try your method, HiHeels, if it ever does come back again :yes:
  8. lol, i'm a champion sleeper too. anywhere, anytime, that's my motto. lol
    actually, the H solution is kind of frustrating because i start to want to stay awake to think more about my happy H thoughts and before i know it, i've passed out and it's morning.
  9. It's funny, I can start off thinking about Hermes if I'm trying to sit still and quiet, but one of the reasons I love the bags so much is because the colours and styles remind me specifically of certaqin places or people. Soon I'm miles down memory lane and really very happy.
  10. HiHeels--nice to see you back

    H has the opposite effect for me--it keeps me up--whether on TPF too late or tossing and turning wondering when my next bag will come in.

    I am also fortunate/unfortunate to live within walking distance of all 3 H stores in our city. You could say H inspires me to walk, but I usually drive between them!:shame:
  11. Hermes celebrates life and joy and love. Their scarves show the beauty of the world and the people in it. Their colors shout "celebrate!" or murmur "contentment". Every stitch in an Hermes bag is made by a living being who loves what they do and takes pride in being a craftsman. Hermes is a gift for the generations, not a fad. No wonder H is a happy place!
  12. welcome back HH! i will never get to sleep if I start to think of H bags but it is usually the #1 thing on my mind most of the day. re: the great feeling you get when you go to purchase Hermes though OMG do I know what you mean!!! Last time I did it lasted almost a whole month LOL, that was a biggie, boy was it fantastic! nothing like a good H high.
  13. Hermes is my "drug" of choice, I am an addict.
  14. H is my happy place too. When I was going through rough times it was my escape. As things between DH and I get better it's our celebration. And my future Kelly and a trip to Europe is the dream as we work on finances. :tup:

  15. :yes::yes: