Hermes Artist from Texas

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  1. I'm not an Hermes groupie...I'm a BV groupie. However, I just stumbled on this article about an Hermes scarf designer in Texas! I thought Hermes people would enjoy it but didn't know where to put here is the link:

    I hope you Hermes lovers enjoy it.

    It's in Texas Monthly:

    Portrait of the Artist as a Postman
    The strange and secret world of Kermit Oliver.
    by Jason Sheeler
    OCTOBER 2012
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I've never truly been a Kermit Oliver fan until I read this. I mean, I've admired the scarves but never really appreciated the artist behind the work. Thanks for posting.
  4. I just found a slide show with some of the artist's work:
  5. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this!:sunshine:
    Just the other day, several TPFers were wondering if Oliver had designed his last scarf,
    So it's wonderful to hear that he has a few new designs on the way.

    On another note, it's worth mentioning that Oliver is not the only American scarf designer for Hermes. Hilton McConnico, who now resides in Paris, is originally from Tennessee.

    This is one of the best articles I have read about Oliver, thanks again for posting!
  6. Thank you!!!
  7. Excellent article, thanks!
  8. A SA in Texas told me earlier this month that according to an H source who has seen the artwork, the King Ranch commemorative (mentioned in the link provided at the end of the story) is his most magnificent scarf yet! I can't wait!!!!!!!
  9. A very sensitive article, thanks diane278 and I hope to see KO's exhbition in December if I can. A tragic and sad story of his family and it makes me appreciate all the more his work. I am glad to have at least three of his silks.
  10. Really wonderful article, thank you for sharing it. I can't wait to see his newest designs!!
  11. Thank you for the link, it was a very interesting article.
  12. Omg love this story, thanks for sharing! Now I will have to google his works. He lives not too far up the Rd from me, maybe 3 hrs.
  13. A true life story of a true artist. I :salute: you Mr Kermit. A man who forgo wealth/fame and choose to paint with sincerity, life stories and a tragic ending. His works are of a true art.

    Thank you for the article, diane728.
  14. Thanks so much for this article. I've always loved KO's art, but I had no idea he'd been through so much: he must be an extraordinary man!
  15. Amazing- poignant story and very well written. Thank you for sharing it! I always wondered about the Texas themed scarves