Hermes Apple Watch or Hermes cape cod?

  1. I’m torn between which watch to get.
    The classic watches like cape cod & Nantucket
    Smart watch: Apple series 3.

    I am an avid apple user but I’ve never owned an Apple Watch before. I wonder whether it’s better to go with a classic watch (timeless) or go with a fun smart watch (that may be outdated in a year or 2).

    Have not seen either in person so I’m just wondering if anyone owns either watch. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Well, these are so very different! One is a classic is really a tech item and a watch only in name and because they decided to make a wrist strap for it.

    Do you tend to wear classic watches usually? I do, but many seem to use their phone to check time these days...I do too: the watches are more as jewelry or sentimentality. So while the watch might last you a lifetime ot more, is it really going to be used?

    My vote is for the Apple Series 3 but I admit I am personally eyeing one up as well (not Hermes version...just regular Apple Watch), but I need to figure out my next iphone first!

    You could also just get the band right, and put it on a regular Apple Watch? But that won’t work obviously if the Hermes branding on the watch face is important for you :smile:
  3. Yes, I am definitely a “watch” person. I love watches in general, I have an omega and a Cartier watch I wear all the time! I do have my iPhone with me all the time, but l wear my watches not just as jewelry but cuz I’m constantly checking the time . (Occupational hazard).

    I do like the classic Hermes strap but I am leaning towards the Apple Watch also, so I thought getting the Hermes apple watch was the best of both worlds. My only concern is that, as you know, with tech, they’re constantly coming out with newer versions so after a year or 2, the Apple Watch could be outdated, where as a classic watch won’t ever be outdated.

    Where I stand on it: leaning more towards Apple:
    Hopefully won’t regret it.

    40% Hermes classic watch : 60% Hermes Apple Watch.
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  4. It sounds like you have other beautiful classic watch options already, so I would go with the Apple Watch. In a year or two, you could probably sell the watch (minus band) and get just a regular Apple Watch (ie a newer model) to put in Hermes band. You lose the branding on the plate, but that is all.

    As said, I really want the regular Series 3. I can justify it if I get a new 8/8+, but can’t if I get the X. I hope once the X is released my choice will become more clear!
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    Cape cod.

    I’ve owned every Apple Watch and sold each one because a. I feel like I’m “too connected.” I have nothing that is so important that I cannot pull my phone out of my purse or lab coat and check it. B. I hate it that when I forget to charge and the watch runs out of batteries I can’t see the time c. I’m a little wierd so take this w/ a grain of salt- I feel a bit creeped out by wearing something that can “track” everything I do. Why do I need all this data and who can/will have access to it? I don’t want to be “micro chipped.” I feel like the Apple Watch is just the beginning of the masses accepting the idea of being “chipped” one day.
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  6. Cape cod so black will be my pick
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  7. I love my PM Cape Cod! Like you, I'm a watch fan, have a number of brands, and depend on them for checking time. I prefer the PM size for myself, and I love the double tour bands. I'm less interested in an Apple watch as I want less technology in my life , not more! The two are so different. I guess it's just a matter of clarifying what info you want from your watch. Best wishes with your decision! Here are some pics of my PM Cape Cod.

    watch - Cape Cod 2.jpg
    watch - Cape Cod 3.jpg
  8. Oh thanks for the photos! Beautiful watch!! I think I've just been reminded of the beauty of timeless watches again!
    I think now I've been swayed to 75% cape cod 25% Apple Watch :smile:
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  9. That's exactly another dilemma I'm going to have also! I have the 7 plus and I'm waiting to see if I can pre-order the iPhone X. If I can get my hands-on one, I'd rule out on getting the Apple Watch! Decisions Decisions! Thanks a lot for your input though :smile:
  10. I love my Cape Cod PM double tour as well! Maybe I’m old school, but I do wear a watch and use it the old fashioned way, to tell the time! :P The Cape Cod is such a classic, elegant design and the double tour strap makes it just a little more interesting. I haven’t wanted an Apple Watch — at least not yet — because I am already tied to my phone and don’t want more technology to depend on. But it all depends on ones needs. My Cape Cod is about 10 years old and will never go out of style, where an Hermes Apple Watch to me is like some expensive designer phone cases — they are only as good as the last model!
  11. I vote for cape cod. I have two of them, a plain stainless steel one and a diamond bezel one. I have to say I wear them way more often than my Cartier watches and Chanel J-12. I own other watches in other brands too but I reach for my cape cods the most.
  12. An old pic of my diamond bezel one. I don’t have a pic of my stainless steel one but I wear it pretty often. They add a fun vibe with the interchangeable double tour colored straps.

  13. I have both; I wear the Apple Watch during the week for work, workouts and jogging. I wear my cape cod with bougie strap on weekends and when I feel like disconnecting sometimes.
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  14. It's so pretty with the white band!! :loveeyes:
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  15. Completely OT but I am DYYYYYYING over this picture
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