Hermes Apparel Online

  1. Quick question about shopping for H clothes on eBay. If it's sweaters or coats that were gotten on Sale BUT they are brand new with tag AND $100 BELOW sales price, is it a steal?

    I know that with clothes, the "S" is stamped on the tag sewn inside the apparel so it cannot be seen.
  2. Most of the private sales that I've been to mark down between 20-40% off, so I'm not sure that a $100 markdown is a 'steal'.

    I love Hermes RTW though and have yet to be disappointed with anything that I've purchased, whether it's been through reliable sellers on eBay or from the store.

    At the last sale, I saw a GORGEOUS black box "Kelly" skirt that was pleated with silk - just TDF!!!! Unfortunately they only had a small size and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't squash my big butt to fit :sad: It was originally $8000 and marked down to $2500....still a bit steep for my taste, but so very worth it if it had fit....sigh.

  3. Hi Lisa, what if it was $100 down in addition to the sales price? Would that be a steal? I tried researching eBay but I rarely come across apparel that are Sale items, and if they are the sellers never reveal how much they paid for it.

    Black box kelly skirt? That sounds sooo pretty. What does it look like?
  4. It depends on the item, I think.

    According to my SA, they send all non-sold items back to Paris to be destroyed...not sure how true that is (maybe some of the experts here can share what they've heard). In any event, I'd say anything more than 40% off is "good" particularly on some of the rare/hard to find items.

    The skirt was just stunning. Picture an a-line wrap skirt - with two Kelly clasps on the left hip in silver - black supple box to the hips and then pleated, with green/white/orange designed silk in between each black leather pleat.

    It was a JPG skirt....sigh.

    Does this description make sense? I wish I'd had the nerve to use my camera phone to shoot a was just stunning....

    Hope it's not one of those items sent back to Paris for destruction...someone ought to be enjoying that skirt!!!

  5. What if it's a turtleneck and a zip-up top w/ H locks?

    If I ever do sales again, I want to get their men shirt. A small will probably fit me really well and I wouldn't have to pay as buying the women's apparel:P

    Wow, that sounds like a beautiful skirt!!! Unfortunately, that will NOT work on my body shape ... darn.
  6. Fyi, I bought a supposed Hermes sweater on Ebay last year. It was a cheap sweater with a fake label sewn in... Seller was kicked off ebay, but reappeared several weeks later, selling fake Hermes & Gucci clothing. That second id lasted a month before they were booted off again. Amazingly several buyers left them good feedback, for those fake items.
  7. That's awful!!! I'm getting moer and more discouraged with eBay. They don't seem to do anything with these counterfeit sellers who are selling fakes as authentic. It's causing innocent ppl to lose their hard earned money and it's making it hard for those of us who are honest sellers ...