Hermes Animal Prints


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
A couple of years ago an American friend of mine sneered at an (American) woman who wore an animal print something to a dinner after she had clearly come from work. Since I am European and also a bit fashion-retarded, it never really occured to me that wearing animal prints to work was a big no-no. But somehow it kinda made sense to me.

However - would animal print scarves from Hermes also be classified as 'animal-print-therefore-nono'?

I am thinking of 'Jungle Love' (of which I am not a big fan), Les Giraffes (of which I am a big fan) and 'Lez Zebres' (of which I am a huge fan). Would somebody give me 'the look' if I walked into a sophisticated US office environment clad with any of these (provided the rest of my outfit is acceptable)?

Just wondering..... :confused1:
I think the problem, Hello, is when people overdo the look. Animal print is nice, but like all things that are truly enjoyable like good food and wine, is best taken in small doses.

BTW, I just bought Jungle Love in the hot pink colorway to match a pink coat I had on that day. It sounds loud, but when knotted the leopard spots just peek out oh so slightly. The staff was really complimenting me and I told them they were just saying that because I wasn't wearing black for once.
So you think it would be OK if I wore a leopard leggings, a tiger strapless corsage, zebra high heels? That should be OK, shouldn't it? Really sophisticated... (hey maybe Mr Lau would be interested and I might score a croc Birkin on the side....):P
I don't see a problem with wearing animal prints to work, as long as it isn't too much. I'll wear an animal-print belt, or leopard-print flats of peep-toes, or scarf, but not all at once! I certainly wouldn't see anything wrong with an Hermes scarf like that! It adds interest while remaining classy.
LOVE animal prints!!! I wear them and I live in BERKELEY! Home of NOTHING fashionable unless you count Birkinstocks and suede bags with fringe..............
I think a scarf would be just the right amount of print. :yes: Love the Zebras and the Giraffes and the Jungle love too!

I saw a pair of Louboutins this weekend with just the perfect touch of leopard print. They were mostly black with just a small part of the toe in the print. TDF!!!!