Hermes Animal Keychains/charms

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  1. Hi everyone ! :yes:

    I don't really know all that much about Hermes but I do know that it's awesome ! :graucho: I was wondering if anyone could give me some information about Hermes keychains, particularly the animal ones. Now I know there were a bunch of them released - hippo, cat and other cute little guys. Are these always produced, or were they released in a certain year ? And what would be the retail price of these ? Also, does anyone know the complete listing of the animals that were made ?

    Here's a cat one that is just heartmeltingly cute !


    Thanks in advance, H-ladies ! :smile:
  2. Hey Ayla!!

    i had to answer your question because I just ADORE your avatar!!!!!

    I'm not sure how many were released, or how much they retail for (I'm in Australia!), but here are some pics!!

  3. ^personally, I love the hippos!
  4. These are soooo cute. I really want a tiger. Or hippo! :yes: They are $200-ish. :flowers:
  5. Aww.. thanks Kristie ! Here, have a free hamster coupon ! ;)


    Thanks for the scan, I adore that Hippo pouch, it just makes my head explode with cuteness ! I never knew about the crocodile one too, I like him cause he just looks so sly !

    I really, really want one of these guys now, they're just too darling ! :yes:
  6. will start with a hippo you'll be placing your first Bag Order....LOL!!
  7. I imagine the order of obsession would be something like that ! :graucho:

    I gotta wait a few years until I stop hemorraging money at school and actually start raking in the $$$ ! Then believe you me, I will be on EVERY wait list there is ! :biggrin:
  8. [​IMG]

    Owl..whoooo whoooo...
  9. Oh my god.. that is just toooo cute !!! Is it yours ? If so, when and where did you get it ? Oh man, I need one of these animals ! :shame:
  10. hehe yes..I bought it in Tokyo hmm 3 month ago. I haven't seen the owl here in the US yet.

    correction: DH just said NO! You got it in Kyoto! there...
  11. Well, close enough - Kyoto is the Tokyo for anagram lovers. :graucho:

    He's so darling ! And looks great with the blue of your kelly !
  12. ayla - they need to do a hamster for you!!!!! I would buy a hamster one for sure, they're so cute!!
  13. hehe..thanks! I use him as a keychain now. He moves too much on my kelly.
    (but the day I moved him to be a keychain..he had a taste of In and Out hamburger sauce for lunch.)<--good thing no damage done.
  14. That is such a cute hamster coupon!!! I love the avatar too. I used to have one of those teddy bear hamsters, they are sooo round and fluffy.:yes:

    I want an animal key chain as well. They would look sooo good on any bags. I can totally see the rabbit one hanging on my white Goyard bag.
  15. good to hear the Hermes ladies don't live on caviar!! I have a bit of a thing for McDonalds, myself.:lol: :upsidedown:
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