Hermes and YOUR Fedex Man (or Woman) :P

  1. The very first time, was Pete sending over to me my 30cm Gold Togo Birkin with PHW. I lost sleep just sitting up at the computer, refreshing the Fedex tracking page again and again and again. Even when it said "In transit" which meant it was up in the air! I cancelled all morning appointments and just waited for the door bell to ring. When it arrived, I was still preoccupied with tPF (didn't hear the doorbell) and hadn't realised that my children's nanny had received it on my behalf. I only realised it was at by the front door, when I refreshed the fedex page, and it stated received by "M###"!! (the name of children's nanny).

    It was a funny day that day, because DH popped in during lunch time, and I frantically had to cover up my act of taking photos and slowly unveiling her (Some of you may or may not remember that day). That seemed so long ago.

    But like you'd expected, the first experience will always be the most memorable.

    The second time, also from Pete, was when I received my 35cm Ebene VL with PHW. I played cool with Ms Ebene. I went out of the house in the morning and timed my return to be home by noon. Mr Fedex decided to make my home the first stop for the day and I completely missed the delivery. He then had to reschedule another delivery later that day. I ripped the box open to caress the legendery Vache Liegee leather!

    The 3rd time .... was a ultra special one. Also from Pete. It was my 30cm black porosus croc with PHW. Pete and I had set our alarm clocks to wake up in the middle of the night to check on its status. This one was nerve wrecking. Other than this, I cannot remember anything except Mr Fedex standing at the door with my box and I wanting him to disappear so I can rip open the box again. Memory is fuzzy here ... I can't remember if I stayed home in the morning.

    The 4th time ... was my 30cm Rose Shocking Chevre mysore (also) from Pete. I remember I went ahead with my day's errands and let my children's nanny to receive it on my behalf. I do recall sending her an sms whilst I was at the supermarket, to keep an ear to the door to listen out for the doorbell.

    Today's going to be the 5th time .... I wish I can stay at home all morning but alas, I have to meet my PT to work out all the extra calories I piled on last night with the SG girls. It is now at our local sorting facility and it would be a couple of hours more before it gets onto the Fedex van and arrive at my doorstep. I'm giving a hint. It's a little croc ....:p
  2. OMGGGG!! it must be either the croc clutch or the 25cm kelly!!!! i knew you were up to something!!!!! yaaaay!!!
  3. Yay MrsS! Congrats! Looking forward to its arrival!
  4. oh boy!!! Can't wait!!! I totally understand mrss...hours on hours spent waiting away the day for the fed ex truck to deliver - only to have to step out to bring a child to school or something like that and WHAM I miss it!!! I have been known to call fed ex and beg for him to come back! He also learned if not at home to check our office up the street - and some days, my day off, he would just deliver there -- and my co-worker has never been told just HOW IMPORTANT it is that I know ASAP lol!!! is funny -- and fun! Can't wait to learn more!!!

    The funniest/worst fed ex story is one day last fall I was heading to the bank to do business deposits, dh jumped in with me as he wanted to go to one store...IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE SHOPPING CENTER the fed ex guy in his truck comes wheeling over to my car and flags us down lol!! And then...the nervy guy says to dh "you must make a lot of money to support her ....can't imagine Christmas -time!!!" -- I'm thinking I'm gonna slug you Mr. Fed Ex!!!! Ugh....the funny part was it was actually a check from a pf friend purchasing something lol!!! Thank goodness.....I try not to let dh see too many trucks in the driveway....
  5. Ohhhh Congrats!!!!! I can't wait to see it.
  6. HOLY COW!!!!!!!! A little something CROC!!!! And from Pete!!!!! (MAN, we keep that guy busy........)
  7. Ooohhh...
  8. OMG...I am soooo excited for you, mrssparkles!!! eekss!!
  9. .............. waiting
  10. mrss - when is the expected time of the croc's arrival? i dont think i can wait all night!

    congrats mrss - in advance!
  11. OMG!


  12. OMG OMG OMG!!! I KNEW IT!!!! U are SNEAKY!!! :sneaky::sneaky:Okay, I'm dying over here!!! hmmmm..croc clutch or 25cm Kelly??? UGH!!!! I can't wait!!! I might just faint waiting!!!:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  13. Anything in croc is exciting~
  14. MrsS- How very exciting!!!!! Cannot wait for the unveiling (no striptease please...I don't think I can bear it!)
  15. Ahhhh! Congrats! Photos please... :p