Hermes and Xango ??

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  1. I'm not sure if I got this right, but is it true that Xango's (Mangosteen mlm) owner is also hermes's owner. They just came up with a new designer bag that look so much like orange birkin with longer handle without the front flap and orange padlock. The orange is so much like hermes orange.

    I was walking towards a friend wearing my orange birkin today and she shouted if I am using a Xango bag! I was horrified.:cursing:

    If someone can tell me how to load pictures from my file, I can put them here for you to view and comment.

    Wish we could do something to protest it.:wtf:
  2. Hermes is a 100% family owned company, they certainly are NOT owned by Xango.
    The HAC which is the model that the Birkin is based on has been designed in 1892 or thereabouts, so the chance that Hermes is copying Xango's design is HIGHLY unlikely.
  3. What I mean is same owner. Ie. Hermes owner owns Xango. Xango is fairly new, and their bag copies birkin.

    But looking again, bet they can't match the style as well as quality at USD115.
  4. [​IMG]
    Ok lets see if this works.
  5. [​IMG]

    Please delete this. The pix not working.
  6. are you trying to post a picture?
  7. Yes, hopelessly trying...
  8. maybe your picture is too big, what I do is the easiest way, the picture you want to send, send it to your email (share) choose medium or small size, save that picture and use it to use at this forum.
  9. is it working? do you work with apple or windows?
  10. Xango is FOR SURE not the owner of Hermes.
    We're not really so super interested in pictures of fakes here, thanks for your effort though.
  11. I thought Xango Mangosteen was a health drink ? :?:
  12. NOTHING comes close to the real one NOTHING!
  13. No not at all... luckily.... too bad your friends thought that your bag was one...
  14. The bag is $115 ... It can't be much of a bag. From what I can tell, it seems like the drink is orange colored and they have merchandise to support and promote the brand. I think the orange bag is just sort of a promotional type of item. It seems to be the only bag they have. They don't appear to be in the handbag business.