Hermes and the Zodiac

  1. Hello Everyone, Very new here...haven't even been a member for a week.
    I have been on sabbatical from my work for two months and I was getting so stir crazy. I stumbled on this forum and it has become my guiltiest pleasure since Payard's Champagne Truffles.

    I was not sure what to make of everything, so I's what I do best. I study Protein Folding. I scoured through the older posts and looked for answers or at least patterns.

    One post I found especially interesting was a thread started by hermesgroupie in which she managed to profile members according to their leather/grain choices. It was something I would do.

    So I started to think:

    -Do the Water Signs i.e. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces have the largest selections because they are most prone to addictions.

    -Are Virgos the only ones who can keep their White Hermes bags clean?

    -Are Geminis the ones buying all the Vert Anis Birkins? Brook Shields and Jada Pinkett both Geminis, both own Vert Anis Birkins.

    -Do Capricorns and Taureans buy only Gold, Ebene and Cognac?

    -Do Leos buy mostly Croc?

    So many questions...but I ask only one.


    Ps. I am a Crabcake...birthday in July.

    My favorite leathers are: Clemence, Barenia, Togo, case hermesgroupie is near her crystal ball.
  2. I'm a crabcake, too. BTW, your leather choices are all very casual. So I assume you're laidback.

    So, um, I'm prone to addictions........................better leave that one alone.
  3. ooooo.....I'm a Scorpio and......yep, prone to addictions. But only the BEST ONES! Like Hermes, almost anything 18th century and coffee table books!

    So, I definately think there's something to this Zodiac business.....yup
  4. ^^What about Sagitarius'? What am I like??:confused1:
  5. Scorpio, and yes, I to tend to get obsessive about certain things....
  6. scorpio -- guilty. :shame:
  7. Welcome EMNH. Pisces---totally guilty and completely H-obsessed. This actually explains a lot...
  8. NewHermesLover...Sag's have great physiques and are really into outdoor sports and activities. They also like Orange.
  9. ^^Thanks EMNH, I DO LIKE ORANGE!!! :nuts: But the physique part is really taking alot of work lately with the holidays?:sweatdrop: :smile:
  10. hermesgroupie, I knew it!!! My husband owes me a huge shipment of Coach Farm from Murray's Cheese now.

    Your uncanny display of psychic ability was the clincher...

    You're right I am laid back. I'm a vegetarian. I do Marathons. Crunchy. Crunchy. Crunchy. My weakness is handbags..esp. Hermes...but not in Chevre...not anymore.
  11. I am Virgo - but no white bags for me! The only way for me to keep it clean would be to never take it out of the box!My favourite leathers are: Box, Chamonix, Barenia, Swift, Togo, Clemence, Fjord and the other ones I don't know well enough.......
  12. EMNH - why don't you like 'chevre' anymore? Also, I've been meeting alot of Cancers...who are spending alot of $$ on nice things (the addiction part?), but I thought they were suppose to be more into saving $$? Is there a twist in there I'm missing? My hubby is a Gemini, and the complete opposite to me!!
  13. Hi EMNH.
    I'm Aquarius.
    What does that mean re Hermes bags?
  14. I am Virgo - but no white bags for me!!! The only way to keep it clean would be to never take it out of the box!My favourite leathers are: Box, Chamonix, Barenia, Swift, Togo, Clemence, Fjord and the other ones I don't really know so well. I like Chevre but not really in bags (for me).
  15. NewHermesLover...I don't like Chevre because it makes me sad.

    Also Cancers consider spending money on High End items an if I buy a new Birkin...I think I'm saving money.